Introducing Revolution EVO

Designed with the purpose of operating in the reality of now, while anticipating the challenges of tomorrow.

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Introducing Revolution CT

Where the art of intuition meets the science of imaging.

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Revolution CT

Revolution GSI

Expand CT utility beyond simple anatomy toward tissue characterization with Gemstone* Spectral Imaging.

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Revolution HD

Increase diagnostic confidence with high-definition image quality.

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Optima Series

Optimise your dose. Maximize your clarity, speed, flexibility and coverage. Optima—a new generation, intelligent, volume CT scanner.

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Radiation Therapy Planning

You’re dedicated to treating and beating cancer. Our radiation therapy planning systems can help you in the battle.

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Smart Technologies

Better patient care, improved efficiency, expanded applications.

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Discovery CT750 HD FREEdom Edition

The world's first head and whole body high definition Spectral CT system.

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Advanced Apps

Computed Tomography for Vascular

Computed tomography (CT) imaging provides vital information in vascular care. More and more, you look to CT angiography to help provide the clinical data needed for a confident diagnosis. GE’s VesselIQ Xpress*, an advanced vascular analysis software package, helps makes your CT angiographic study analysis fast and efficient.  

Computed Tomography for Emergency Medicine

GE's suite of proven, advanced diagnostic computed tomography solutions provides images to help you make critical decisions in Emergency Medicine. When every second counts in challenging trauma, cardiac or neuro exams, our innovative systems help keep you at the forefront of clinical care—all with dose reduction features.  

Computed Tomography for Oncology

Computed tomography is a powerful and versatile imaging tool in the fight against cancer. From diagnosis throughout treatment, our CT solutions for oncology provide high quality images, advanced visualisation and assessment tools, and dose optimization to help you:

  • See anatomy and pathology clearly.
  • Understand the diagnostic landscape thoroughly.    
  • Plan for cancer treatment with accuracy and confidence.      
  • Get the results you need with optimised dose.  

Computed Tomography for Cardiology

In cardiovascular care, access to accurate, reliable clinical imaging is critical. GE's suite of cardiovascular applications gives you excellent image quality at optimised dose to help you assess, quantify and manage your patients with coronary artery disease.  

Computed Tomography for Paediatrics

In CT imaging, you can’t view children as small adults. They are more sensitive to radiation, and require CT solutions specifically for their growing bodies. GE’s Colour-Coding for Kids, FeatherLight Protocols, and industry-leading SnapShot* Pulse cardiac imaging technologies have changed the way children are scanned.   

Computed Tomography for Women’s Health

Computed tomography is a useful tool in diagnosing and fighting cancer and heart disease, the two leading causes of death for women today. GE offers advanced CT solutions to help you and your patients battle these deadly diseases.      

  • In cancer care, our CT technology allows you to simulate radiation therapy, and even account for movement of the chest wall due to breathing.       
  • In heart care, cardiac CT angiography is an important diagnostic tool.  

Advanced Visualisation

Advanced Visualisation

  • Dexus* — one seamless workflow environment—optimises your reading experience and productivity, from the moment you acquire the image until you report your results. Built on the trusted GE AW platform, Dexus takes your reading workflow to a new level of efficiency. Simply put, Dexus brings you what you need, when you need it, where you are, whoever you work with.
  • Advantage Workstation* delivers the next generation of 2D, 3D and 4D visualisation software on one of the world’s most widely used 3D visualisation and analysis solutions. By streamlining post-processing and synergising imaging techniques, it answers productivity needs across CT, MRI, PET, SPECT, and Interventional through a broad portfolio of robust, easy-to-use clinical applications.
  • AW Server provides all the benefits of AW Workstation in a scalable solution with remote viewing capabilities, the ability to cost-effectively add users, and full integration with your RIS/PACS environment. Now you can remotely review and share images in real time, enabling close collaboration with internal clinicians, stronger referring physician partnerships, more confident diagnoses, and better patient care.

Learn more about Advanced Visualisation.


Smart Technologies

Modern imaging intelligence.

Better patient care, improved efficiency, expanded applications. Smart Technologies is a suite of intelligent CT tools designed to help you achieve these goals, delivering diagnostic confidence with lower levels of radiation1.

Clinicians in white coats

Smart Dose
Intelligent technology designed to help you acquire high-quality images using lower doses of radiation, contributing to more accurate diagnoses and lower exposures for patients.
Learn more about Smart Dose technologies.

Smart Flow
Systems designed to help you improve productivity by streamlining user workflow and access to information.
Learn more about Smart Flow technologies.

Smart Cardiac
Inventive technology that assists you in quickly setting up complex cardiac procedures reliably and repeatedly.
Learn more about Smart Cardiac technologies.

Smart Spectral
Innovative technology that helps you make spectral imaging routine by assisting you in setting up these advanced procedures.
Learn more about Smart Spectral technologies.

1. Not all Smart Technologies are available on all products. Ask a GE Healthcare sales representative for details.



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