By the end of this program, the viewer should be able to: 

  • Select performance elements that can contribute to changes in organizational efficiency.
  • Examine style factors applicable to improving managerial effectiveness.
  • Identify quality aspects of Lean Six Sigma and The Joint Commission’s tracer methodology. (The Joint Commission was formerly known as the Joint Commission on the Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations or JCAHO.)
  • Recognize the importance of system-wide performance initiatives.
  • Synthesize an operating plan based on the fact that customer and employee satisfaction are directly correlated with each other.


COURSE LENGTH:  1 Hour                

ACCREDITATION TYPE:   ASRT - Technologists    CREDIT HOURS:  1           

ACCREDITATION TYPE:   CBRN- Nursing     CONTACT HOURS:  1.6             


Target Audience

The target audience is radiology administrators. All other healthcare leaders may also benefit from this presentation.