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The Facility

The Illawarra Shoalhaven Local Health District (ISHLD) is situated in New South Wales along the coast of Australia, south of Sydney. With a workforce of 6,800 staff across 9 major hospital sites, ISHLD spends more than $680 million on health services.

As well as the 50 radiographers and sonographers that work across ISHLD, Wollongong Hospital—the main teaching hospital in the district—takes on student radiographers as part of a clinical assimilation program. Around 5 students join the team every year and are provided with theoretical and practical training by the senior radiographers.


ISHLD has been using TiP-EdSM Online education for 4 years as a theoretical training tool for its radiographers and sonographers as well as for student radiographers.

TiP-EdSM Online offers over 300 courses across a range of imaging technologies. While it is competency-based training that helps ISHLD staff maintain their CPD accreditation, it also assists with career development by providing a pathway of new modality-skills training without having to rely solely on face-to-face.


To be a practicing radiographer in Australia, individuals must be registered with the Medical Radiation Practice Board of Australia (MRPBA). As a condition of registration, practitioners are requested to undertake Continuing Professional Development (CPD) activities and complete a minimum of 60 hours over a three-year period1. All hours of activity are recorded by individuals with the Australian Institute of Radiography (AIR), which administers the CPD program on behalf of the MRPBA.

Points are allocated based on completed training and can be accrued through various modes such as, attendance to scientific meetings or conferences, clinical training events, in-hospital staff education programs, applications training and online education. All education programs must be approved by AIR with an associated appellation code in order for practitioners to earn points2.

With the requirements for staff to maintain accreditation through the CPD program, ISHLD identified a need to offer more educational opportunities to staff in addition to them attending scientific meetings or conferences.

Moreover, given the regular intake of student radiographers, ISHLD was looking to develop a more structured program to deliver a comprehensive training program during their twelve month clinical placements.


GE Healthcare’s TiP-EdSM Online was evaluated by ISHLD and found to be a suitable tool.

TiP-EdSM Online is approved by the CPD program as a Class A appellation and offers a wide range of courses across imaging modalities from basic levels to more advanced streams, providing ISHLD with a viable education and training solution.

To access TiP-EdSM Online, staff enter through an online web portal bringing them to a homepage listing the libraries of courses. While the training content is delivered through video presentations, training materials can be downloaded and read separately. On completion of a module, an assessment follows and certificates of completion can be saved and/or printed. These certificates can be then used to log CPD points.

The content on TiP-EdSM Online is continuously evaluated and new courses are added regularly.

A training report can also be downloaded on demand by team leaders to ensure completion of relevant modules.


TiP-EdSM Online can be accessed at home, in the office or anywhere the user has internet access at any time of day.

This was a major advantage for the ISHLD teams as often they are unable to complete modules during their work hours at the hospital. Many staff actively seek to learn new techniques and concepts in their own time and often use TiP-EdSM Online to find the latest courses. It offers a learning pathway for new modality-skills training supporting overall staff career development.

For student radiographers, ISHLD developed a structured on-the-job training program incorporating TiP-EdSM Online courses. For example, before moving into the practical training in the CT department or Catheter Lab, the students complete the relevant TiP-EdSM Online module that covers the theoretical concepts required for that modality. This enables the supervisor to focus more on the practical training, freeing up time that would otherwise be spent covering theory.

Overall ISHLD has found TiP-EdSM Online a useful tool to complement staff educational needs, offering an alternative to accrue CPD points.


Medical Radiation Practice Continuing Professional Development Registration Standard: http://www.medicalradiationpracticeboard.gov.au/Registration-Standards.aspx




TiP-Ed at Illawarra Shoalhaven Local Health District

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