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GE Healthcare installs its first ever digital PET/CT’s in Australia helping tackle cancer early

  • New digital PET/CT system that enables diagnosis and staging earlier with technology that detect smaller lesions
  • Important milestone for GE in Molecular Imaging being its first digital PET/CT systems installed in the ANZ region
  • Will enhance utilisation of limited-access tracers with one of the highest NEMA sensitivity of any TOF PET/CT system

Sydney, Australia – August 28, 2018 – GE Healthcare (NYSE:GE) today announced the installations of its first ever Discovery MI digital PET/CT systems in Australia that will help clinicians in their efforts to diagnose and stage disease earlier. Built with technology that combines a small lutetium-based scintillator crystal array with a Silicon Photomultiplier (SiPM) bloc design, the Discovery MI will allow for significantly better small lesion detectability 1.

The first two units were installed at Hunter New England Imaging and the Liverpool Hospital and will bolster PET services to two large health district regions in New South Wales that have a combined population of 1.8 million.

Clinical Director for Hunter New England Imaging, Dr Natalie Rutherford said that the new PET/CT, located at the Calvary Mater Newcastle, will allow the continued delivery of quality molecular imaging services to the Hunter New England region.

Dr Rutherford continued, “the digital PET/CT scanner can identify much smaller cancer lesions and measure the success of treatment with greater precision. Therefore, this improved accuracy will provide a greater level of assurance to cancer patients that their treatment is progressing.”

“The digital PET/CT scanner also operates at a faster rate and uses very small doses of radiation, with the amount of time that the patient is on the scanner almost halved,” Dr Rutherford said.

The Discovery MI also enables improved research insight with more novel, faster decaying tracers. 2 A key component in delivering these desired outcomes is Discovery MI’s LightBurst Digital Detector. This detector, which represents the next-generation of GE Healthcare’s vision for a digital future for PET, delivers up to two times (2x) improvement in volumetric resolution3 enabling small lesion detectability and has one of the highest NEMA sensitivity of any TOF/PET system in the industry. 4

Nuclear Medicine Head of Department and the District’s Medical Imaging Director, Dr Peter Lin, said we are extremely excited about what the Discovery MI represents for our molecular imaging services and are proud to demonstrate the clinical performance of the scanner.

“The new PET/CT scanner together with our GE cyclotron co-located on site, will enable us to conduct innovative research and places the South Western Sydney Local Health District at the forefront of molecular diagnostic and therapeutic cancer services,” Dr Lin said.

“Getting diagnosed and treated for cancer and other diseases can be a frightening time for patients and their families. This technology will help us provide physicians with the answers they need quickly and effectively.”

“To reduce this anxiety further, we specifically designed a calming environment for patients as they undertake PET/CT imaging procedures. The environment which includes floor to ceiling graphics of native bushland were applied to make our patients feel included in the treatment which helps to overcome their fear,” Dr Lin said.

In 2018-19, the NSW Liberal National Government is investing more than $2.3 billion in capital works funding to continue building and redeveloping hospitals, health facilities and ambulance stations, as part of a record $8 billion investment over the next four years.

“We are proud of our partnership with NSW Health that will help transform both Hunter New England Imaging and Liverpool Hospital into important hubs for healthcare delivery,” said Matt Tucker, President and CEO of GE Healthcare Australia and New Zealand.

“We believe this new digital PET/CT technology will significantly improve the way exams are performed today and enable new areas of exploration for researchers who are looking at ways to optimise imaging protocols and gain additional insights about a patients’ condition,” explained Mr. Tucker.

“The Discovery MI is the industry’s only PET/CT system that brings together the sensitivity of digital detection, with the most innovative reconstruction technology available, the combination of Time-of-Flight (TOF) and Q.Clear. We engineered this product to bring outstanding clinical resolution to improve the detection of small lesions and thereby help doctors diagnose disease as early as possible,” Mr Tucker concluded.

For more information about Discovery MI, click here.

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1 Improved detectability as demonstrated in phantom testing

2 Compared to Discovery PET/CT 710.

3 Volumetric Resolution as demonstrated in phantom testing.

4 Comparing Discovery MI to other TOF PET/CT scanners reported in ITN online comparison charts (May 2016)