Electrophysiologists need tools to help localize and place guide-wires and ablation catheters accurately during procedures. Better visualization of the cardiac anatomy may help the physician improve treatment efficacy and reduce procedure time. Complex anatomy, especially, poses unique difficulties during electrophysiology procedures. EPVision combines the proven imaging capabilities of Innova with the advanced functionality of the AW workstation to provide exceptional 3D visualization of the heart in the EP suite, giving you enhanced confidence and streamlining your workflow.

GE Healthcare Innova EP Vision

Innova EPVision dynamically fuses 2D X-ray images with 3D models (such as 3D cardiac models) from rotation angiography, MR, or CT. The program supports localization and positioning of guidewires, ablation catheters, and other devices, including those not visualized by current 3D mapping technology, during electrophysiology procedures. 


  • Accesses 3D images from Innova 3D rotational angiography, Innova CT HD, or pre-study image from any CT or MR system. 
  • Innova 3D rotational angiography allows for near real-time  acquisition and 3D reconstruction in the EP Lab.
  • Uncompromised image registration automatically stabilizes image with ECG gating and motion tracking. 
  • Ablation line display and point-marking capabilities.
  • Directly controllable from the tableside. 


GE Healthcare Innova EP Vision

Innova 3D rotational angiography helps achieve accurate 3D acquisition in the lab, possibly eliminating the need for pre-study CT or MR. 

  • Cardiac structures can be segmented on the AW workstation. 
  • Helps you visualize complex anatomy by automatic reconstruction and display in full resolution of the area of interest after acquisition. 
  • Automatically scales and registers images. 
GE Healthcare Innova EP Vision

Innova EPVision provides you with multi-modality guidance using  3D RA or DICOM** images from CT or MR. 

Innova EPVision automatically stabilizes the image with ECG gating and motion tracking algorithms to compensate for motion due to patient respiration or other patient movement.  

  • Keeps 3D image and real-time fluoroscopy aligned. 
  • Provides a stable fused image.
  • Algorithm keeps image registered during gantry and table motion.

Innova EPVision helps you meet the challenges inherent in AF ablation, e.g. variability of the let atrium, exact localization of the pulmonary veins. 

GE Healthcare Innova EP Vision
  • Bring up the Backview function with the touch of a button for a 180 degree view of the vessel in question. You get an instantaneous perspective of the vessel’s backside without the need to reposition the gantry. 
  • Deposit planning lines and landmarks on the 3D image to aid pre-procedure planning.
  • Ablation line display and point-marking features let you fully document the procedure. 

System Requirements

Intended Use

Innova EPVision is intended to enable users to load 3D datasets and overlay and register in real time these 3D datasets with fluoroscopic or radiographic images of the same anatomy in order to support catheter/device guidance during electrophysiology procedures.

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