The Tec 7 Vapouriser combines clinical performance and reliability with ergonomic design.

It delivers Isoflurane, Sevoflurane, Enflurane, and Halothane efficiently.  

Each agent-specific Tec 7 incorporates significant performance, convenience, and ergonomic benefits with important features to help improve agent delivery and reliability while helping to reduce overall operating costs.  

Easy-fil* is designed to simplify agent filling and help minimise agent leaks while filling. The Tec 7 Vapouriser is also available with Quik-Fil* (Sevoflurane only).

Tec 7 is factory service free, eliminating the need for scheduled service.


The Tec 7:

  • Delivers Isoflurane, Sevoflurane, Enflurane, and Halothane anaesthetic agents
  • Provides output consistent with the dial setting throughout the clinical flow range
  • Features an easy-to-turn dial to help control agent delivery
  • Offers two filling options: Easy-fil* or Quik-Fil* (Sevoflurane only)
  • Simplifies agent filling and helps minimise agent leaks while filling



Clinical Performance

  • Tec 7 Vapourisers are designed to provide consistent output throughout the clinical flow range from 200 mL/min to 15 L/min.
  • Models are available for Isoflurane, Sevoflurane, Enflurane, and Halothane.
  • Tec 7 Vapourisers are equipped with a large diameter control dial, which incorporates fine graduations of 0.2% between 0 and 1%, and 0.5% from 1% to 8%. The dial for Sevoflurane is marked in steps of 0.2% up to 1% v/v, and in steps of 1% between 1% and 8%.
  • The easy-turning dials and small graduations on the Tec 7 Vapouriser help you fine tune anaesthetic delivery over the range of dial settings and flow rates.
  • To help minimise filling frequency, the Tec 7 Vapouriser accommodates 225 mL of anaesthetic agent.
  • The Tec 7 Vapouriser can be mounted on GE Healthcare anaesthesia delivery systems equipped with the Selectatec* manifold without tools and without taking the anaesthesia system out of service.
  • An innovative non-spill system in the Tec 7 Vapouriser limits movement of liquid agent if the vapouriser is tilted or inverted, helping to protect internal components.  




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