Customization and automation that optimizes patient reporting

Composer is the patient-reporting function in the enCORE family of software applications. It is available on all GE bone densitometer systems. Composer allows you to generate patient reports that you can optimize for a variety of situations, from simplifying the report to facilitate patient understanding, or detailing the report to satisfy referring physicians. The reports are fully automated, which enables workflow efficiency. 

Download sample Patient Reports (PDF).

Composer patient reporting.


Composer offers you the following benefits:


With Composer, you can easily customize your reports with charts, graphs, images, clinician diagnoses and treatment recommendations. You can make your reports as concise or as detailed as needed—whatever best suits the needs of your practice, your patients or referring physicians.


Composer can automatically incorporate your assessments, along with treatment guidelines from professional societies. And it does it in accordance with your pre-defined criteria, providing a comprehensive report with little effort.


Composer enhances your patient reporting with the following features:


  • Allows you to design your own templates with graphs, charts, clinical images, assessments and guidelines
  • Provides editable header for your practice logo and contact information
  • Offers editable footer to add your signature


  • Selects appropriate report template based on exam type, referring physician or other criteria
  • Trending data available to compare serial measurements
  • Automatically applies World Health Organization (WHO) and ISCD diagnostic criteria
  • Automatically adds treatment recommendations, designated by the physician or from the National Osteoporosis Foundation (NOF) treatment guidelines

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