Optima* CT Family brings together diagnostic power and workflow efficiency, enabling fast, high-quality acquisitions at optimized dose

Design & innovation

A complete range of CT scans tailored to your imaging needs

  • User interface and ergonomic homogeneity through the range for easy adoption

  • Scalable product offering up to 40mm detector, 0.35sec rotation speed

  • IQE pitch boosting technology (pitch up to 1.75) combining speed and image quality

  • 0.35mm isotropic voxel and 0.625mm slice thickness for optimal balance between dose, resolution, and coverage speed

  • Addressing clinical applications from routine to cardiac exams

Workflow & Applications 

Optima is designed to provide you with a simple & efficient workflow, while enhancing your CT diagnostic capabilities

  • Semi-automatic positioning

  • 5-steps acquisition setting mode from the gantry

  • Synchronized Injection: Help increase the opportunity for successful contrast bolus timing

  • Whole body exams in one pass with images reconstructed in real time (up to 55fps)

  • Acquired images ready in less than 1 second on the CT console for quick diagnosis

  • One-Touch protocol to personalize image review to individual physician preferences

  • Automatic reconstruction of up to 10 Prospective Multiple Reconstructions

  • Large portfolio of vascular, cardiac, oncology, and neurology advanced applications

Image Quality

The high power and thin slices provided by the Optima CT range bring clarity of images to help detecting very small lesions

With consistent 0.625 mm data acquisition, and up to 128 slices1, there is no trade-off between speed and high resolution

  • Oncology: contribute to detect, characterize, and quantify lesions

  • High resolution imaging: small details for inner ears, joints

  • Angiography with speed and consistent image quality

  • Cardiovascular with innovative technologies such as Snapshot Pulse and Snapshot Freeze

  • Dose Management

    Help to see smaller details while decreasing the dose as low as possible

    Achieve high diagnostic image quality at optimized dose. Optima CT range will help you deliver high quality patient care.

    • User interface and ergonomic homogeneity through the range for easy adoption

    • ASiR*+, GE’s Iterative Reconstructive technology, helps you deliver diagnostic image quality at lowest possible dose for your patients

    • GE Healthcare’s proven OptiDose technologies that deliver dose reduction at the source

    • Organ Dose Modulation2 — for radiation dose reduction for superficial organs and tissues

    • DoseCheck to notify and alert the operator setting the scan parameters whether
      the estimated dose index is above user-defined notification values

    Financial Efficiency

    Configurations and offering tailored to your financial needs

  • Clinical capabilities and referrals that can be expanded

  • Up to 25% patient preparation time saved thanks to a simplified workflow, as default patient positioning and one stop scanning mode allow parallel tasks.

  • Workhorse equipment and reliable service partner

  • Energy saving mode

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