Ambulatory ECG

Applying the right solution at the right time can help avoid the tragedy of sudden arrhythmic death. The MARS* Ambulatory ECG system helps identify which patients are at higher risk, allowing your staff of clinicians to take action while there is still time.


Ambulatory ECG-Holter

Taking steps to prevent sudden cardiac death.

The MARS Ambulatory ECG system captures and stores every heartbeat of your patient and then provides a computerised ECG analysis using a full suite of GE Marquette* algorithms. The Marquette analysis programs are a sophisticated set of  tools that measure anomalies, such as Heart Rate Turbulence and T-wave Alternans, which could be missed by the human eye.

With full-disclosure Holter analysis and Marquette algorithms, we empower you with diagnostic confidence and the ability to provide proactive, life-saving treatment.

The SEER 12 long-term ECG digital recorder lets you stay connected to your patients for up to 72 hours, so you can better evaluate ongoing cardiac conditions and gather the data you need for real diagnostic confidence.