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The MUSE Cardiology Information System from GE Healthcare is designed to streamline cardiology workflow for clinicians, administrators, and IT managers —leading to faster and easier processes at every point of care.

The MUSE system seamlessly integrates data from diagnostic cardiology devices, HIS and EMR systems, allowing for:

  • Confident patient triage through integrated ECG workflow
  • Remote access to current and historical Resting, Exercise and Ambulatory ECG results
  • Efficient workflow by automating patient demographics and charge capture, enabling clinicians to focus on patient care


By providing your physicians easy access to patient data, the MUSE system helps streamline workflow and assists clinicians in making faster and more informed decisions.

  • Enhancing productivity: Rapid review of clinical data with remote and mobile access to the MUSE system
  • Enabling access: Physicians can connect anywhere, anytime to view Resting & Stress ECGs, and Holter tests
  • Helps to reduce door-to-balloon time: Transmit 12-lead ECGs by emergency medical personnel from the field to the MUSE system enabling the hospital to prepare the cath lab for treatment of patients with acute myocardial infarction (AMI) and reduce Door-to-Balloon (DTB) times as defined by the ACC/AHA/ESC guidelines
  • Enhancing admistrative reporting: Allows you to gather information for quality metrics, disease state reporting, and department efficiency

Learn how the MUSE system helped one health care system increase ECG interpretation accuracy from 85% to more than 99%, and cut turnaround times from 15 hours to less than five hours. Download the Sharp Healthcare Case Study.

Benefits for Clinicians:
The MUSE system helps streamline workflow and assists clinicians in making faster and more informed decisions.

  • Serial Comparison: MUSE stores electrocardiograms with physician-edited interpretations and works in conjunction with the Marquette* 12SL* Serial Comparison program, allowing accurate and expedient assessment of a patient’s ECG data
  • Pacemaker Annotation: Current pacemakers are difficult to detect on the standard ECG. Pacemaker detection in the MAC* 5500 HD Resting ECG system, with annotation in the MUSE system, detects pacemaker pulses more accurately reducing the risk of treatment contradicted for paced patients. A dedicated pace annotation channel helps reduce the need to identify pacer pulses within the ECG signal, supporting efficient diagnosis when moments can make a difference.  It even detects bi-ventricular pacemakers
  • Physician editing tools: Providing an array of easy- to-use report review tools to help you facilitate better patient care. Including: electronic calipers, magnification and statement insertion or freetext editing
  • Research: The MUSE system also supports your faculty’s research and teaching efforts with tools that enable detailed 12SL ECG reanalysis, create anonymous teaching data, and more

Learn more about how the MUSE system helped one hospital reduced door-to-balloon time from 90 to 60 minutes. Download the Advocate Good Shepherd Hospital Case Study.

Benefits for Administrators:
The easiest way to increase your facility’s revenue is to avoid missed or delayed charges. Batch billing and automatic patient demographics data merges/updates through the MUSE system to your facility’s HIS help ensure prompt billing and accurate charge capture.

  • Help improve revenue and save staff time with enhanced accuracy and speed of billing
  • Reduce paper costs through digital ECG workflow
  • Speed processing time with automatic data updates that streamline administrative processes
  • Increase accuracy of patient records with automatic merges and updates that reduce manual re-entry of data


Today’s healthcare environment demands seamless connectivity with your HIS and EMR systems and clinical devices.

Using an open system architecture, the MUSE system delivers HIS and EMR integration via industry-standards including HL7**. This level of connectivity enables the MUSE system to provide a streamlined ECG workflow for clinicians, physicians, and administrators—leading to faster and easier processes at every point of care.

  • Open System Connectivity: The MUSE system is Open Database Connectivity (ODBC) compliant and uses well-established data-sharing, communication and security standards, including Microsoft** SQL server.
  • Expanded order download capabilities: Bi-directional MUSE connectivity allows clinicians to download ADT, Orders and Visit/Account information from HIS to ECG acquisition devices.
  • Automatic report transmission: MAC* Resting ECG, CASE* Exercise Testing, and MARS* Ambulatory Systems automatically transmit patient test reports into your facility’s HIS/EMR system via MUSE.
  • Secure access across the enterprise: MUSE enables secure access to your patients’ ECG data across sites of care within the hospital and with your broader physician network outside your hospital.
  • Batch billing and automatic data merges/updates: MUSE connectivity through to your facility’s HIS system helps save time, streamline workflow, and increase the accuracy of patient demographic data as well as charge capture.

Connectivity Solutions

GE Healthcare Diagnostic Cardiology solutions enable you to access patient data whenever and wherever you need it, so you can make faster, more informed decisions. The MUSE Cadiology Information system is an open system based on standards to share data with your HIS and EMR systems.

IDN Connectivity
The MUSE platform is designed to help you seamlessly connect multiple hospitals, clinics and offices enabling data sharing across your enterprise.

HIS Connectivity
The MUSE system provides bi-directional communication with devices that helps ensure easy access to data throughout the hospital or across your entire enterprise. MUSE integrates seamlessly to Admissions/Discharge/Transfer (ADT), orders, results and financial billing systems.

EMR Connectivity
The MUSE system provides data integration with and connectivity to your facility's EMR. By improving the way your facility handles patient information, the system helps improve process efficiency and accuracy, while facilitating your move to a paperless work environment.

Open Device Connectivity
You need to provide flexible options for connectivity and data sharing from a wide variety of diagnostic cardiology devices. Whether you use ECG devices from GE Healthcare or other vendors, GE can provide you with the connectivity solutions you need for a seamless IT system.

Pre-hospital Connectivity
For more than a decade, GE has been working with leading pre-hospital defibrillator manufacturers to improve pre-hospital ECG transmission. Today, 12-lead ECGs taken by emergency medical personnel can be transmitted from the field to the MUSE system, helping hospitals more rapidly prepare the cath lab for patients in need of treatment.

Mobile Connectivity
Access to ECG data is critical to your clinical decision-making process, and can help contribute to faster diagnosis and treatment decisions. AirStrip CARDIOLOGY** is an innovative mobile solution which revolutionizes the traditional ECG by digitizing and providing on-the-go physicians with access to 12 and 15 lead ECG waveforms, measurement data and interpretation with their Apple** iPad** and iPhone** mobile devices.


Customers discuss how the MUSE system has helped to improve operational costs and quality of patient care.

“Our organization does over 100,000 ECGs per year. Since we implemented MUSE, we saw that just from having an electronic billing system where the charges are automatically sent, we were probably capturing an additional 500 to 1,000 charges a month.”

Director, Cardiac Services
Beaumont Hospital, Royal Oak

“This was a great team effort. Every hospital now knows how important it is to successfully implement a system-wide electronic health record and migrate from paper to digital capture. In cardiology, MUSE is the mechanism for that process. Combining the right workflow adjustments with technology implementation carries greater value than any equipment could carry alone.”

Finance executive, HCA Eastern Division


Our team stands with your team every step of the way, to help ensure your facility gets the most from your MUSE system’s capabilities.

Our dedicated IT project managers, HL7** specialists, database conversion specialists and field engineers are the reason GE Healthcare has been consistently ranked in the top two by MD Buyline for quality service and technical support.

Our extensive technical support offerings include:

  • Project management focused on ensuring a smooth “go-live” experience
  • HL7 integration designed to optimize MUSE integration with your existing systems
  • Clinical applications for remote, on-line and on-site customer training
  • Database conversion services to help manage legacy data
  • MUSE software support agreements for future updates and upgrades
  • Remote 24/7 technical support with InSite™ ExC for system trouble shooting in minutes instead of hours
  • On-site support through a dedicated team of more than 150 highly trained field engineers
  • A variety of IT and clinical training programs offered remotely and on-site

You can gain the confidence of one of the largest, most experienced service organizations in the industry, working with you to ensure you get the most from your technology investment.