Accurate cardiac assessments demand fast, seamless connectivity across the entire hospital enterprise: linking multiple devices, communicating to HIS and EMR, and speeding ECG workflow without sacrificing diagnostic performance.

The MUSE* v8 Cardiology Information System puts the entire cardiology workflow at your fingertips, enabling you to streamline data flow, simplify demographic acquisition and save time.


The key to better workflow is physician access to data.

The MUSE* v8 Cardiology Information System acts as the hub of your cardiology department: 

  • Direct and manage the flow of cardiac information.
  • Provide delivery of data.
  • Create streamlined, seamless workflow.
  • Receive ECG data from the acquisition device. Perform serial comparisons.
  • Analyze and interpret the data with proven Marquette analysis programs.
  • Distribute the results and access the patient’s electronic medical record.

Enjoy features that speed workflow without compromising data: 

  • System supports enterprise connectivity between GE and non-GE equipment. 
  • HL7 Interface options for ADT, orders, visit numbers, waveform results and billing transactions improve data consistency across all electronic records
  • Display provides access to demographics, interpretive information and historical cardiology records – all at the click of a button 
  • Comprehensive diagnostic tools help you analyze, interpret and edit data.

Speed the ECG analysis process and enable faster patient care. 

  • Enable rapid physician access to resting ECG data, exercise tests, and Holter results, as well as connecting patient data across the care continuum. 
  • Assure the availability of the ECG before operation and save cost.
  • Support fast, accurate decision-making at every point of patient care. 
  • Enhance productivity by supporting fast review of clinical data with access from remote sites that are connected to a LAN or WAN. 
  • Enable rapid review with physician connectivity from anywhere to view, edit, and confirm ECGs, stress test data and Holter data.
  • Increase data accuracy with expanded data access to speed patient throughput and avoid the need for manual data re-entry, helping to reduce the potential for data entry errors.


Setting the standard with open system architecture

MUSE v8 delivers an integrated technology solution that merges the IT efficiency you need with the clinical excellence your physicians demand.

Health Level Seven (HL7) compliant: MUSE* v8 is ODBC (Open Database Complian) compliant and uses well-established data-sharing, communication and security standards, including Microsoft SQL server and HL7 interfaces

Connectivity with third-party devices: MUSE v8 uses XML interfaces to support data import and export from third-party vendors so you can maintain complete functionality with your existing ECG systems from GE Healthcare and others.

Interface with HIS/EMR vendors: MUSE enables complete HIS and EMR integration, with more than 925 individual interfaces to HIS/EMR vendors. 

  • Reduce data entry errors with automated patient demographic data merges and updates.
  • Streamline administrative workflow and billing through efficient batch data transfer. 
  • Support clinical excellence and efficiency via wireless connectivity that promotes workflow efficiencies at every point of care.

Optimize your infrastructure: Protecting your facility’s IT infrastructure and data in the event of a disruptive situation has become increasingly important in recent years. MUSE v8 supports industry-leading solutions that help protect your system and lower costs. MUSE v8 can be hosted as a virtual machine on VMware** or an equivalent system for infrastructure optimization, lifecycle management and disaster recovery.

IT scalability: Plan and implement the system that can maximize your resources while providing clinical and administrative workflow efficiencies. As your facility continues to grow, we can help you upgrade to a more sophisticated system with no loss of data.

Bi-directional connectivity: Data flows using HL7 for HIS and EMR integration with diagnostic cardiology devices via MUSE v8.

Flexible, secure data access: MUSE EveryWARE can help make your facility more efficient by allowing physicians to view, edit, and confirm ECGs, stress test data and Holter results wirelessly, from anywhere.

Advanced ECG analysis support: Support your clinical expertise with proven Marquette 12SL* algorithms.