For accurate and reliable cardiopulmonary diagnostics, the CASE ES Ergospirometry Testing System combines the quality of the CASE Exercise Testing System with the power of the Ganshorn PowerCube in one platform. Whether you are looking to increase your accuracy in diagnosing heart failure, assessing your patient’s fitness for surgery or evaluating ventilatory disorders, CASE ES offers reliable analytics to help you make informed treatment decisions.


Be confident in more accurate measurements. 

  • Enjoy the latest in Variable Orifice flow sensor technology. 
  • Get precise ventilatory measurements that are insensitive to water vapor, saliva or vibrations during exercise. 
  • Sensor weighs only about 29 grams, ensuring patient comfort and compliance. 
  • Easy-to-navigate software allows toggling between simultaneous view of all 9 Wasserman panels or full screen of each individual panel, for accurate detection of Anaerobic Threshold (AT).     

Get improved access to readings and results. 

  • Ergospirometry software can be integrated into CASE, adding the possibility that tests become accessible for review, editing and exporting from any PC on your LAN. 
  • Transfer test results to your HIS/EMR systems in XML and PDF formats.     

Maximize your investment. 

  • Upgrade your existing CASE system, making it a cost-effective solution for adding the benefits of cardiopulmonary diagnostics. 
  • Streamline workflow by having frequently used in-test controls on one screen instead of two. 
  • Gas sensors require less frequent cylinder replacement, thanks to low gas consumption during automatic calibration. 
  • Easy-to-clean flow sensors do not require drying time, accelerating patient throughput. 


The CASE ES’s LF8 software provides the following parameter groups: 

  • Spirometry 
    • IVC - Largest inspiratory measured vital capacity of the measurement manoeuvre 
    • EVC - Largest expiratory measured slow vital capacity of the measurement manoeuvre, MV – Breathing minute volumes 
    • MVV - Maximum ventilatory volume 
  • Flow/Volume 
    • FVCex – Forced expiratory vital capacity, 
    • FVCin - Forced inspiratory vital capacity 
    • FEV1 - Forced expiratory volume after one second 
  • Ergospirometry 
    • VO2 – Oxygen uptake 
    • VCO2  – Exhaled carbon dioxide volume 
    • RER – Respiratory exchange rate
    • VE – Expiratory breathing volume   
  • Flow/Volume under load 
    • VT – Tidal volume 
    • IC – Inspiratory capacity    
  • Option 
    • SpO2     
  • Peripheral devices 
    • Combination with multiple types of bicycles and treadmills: GE eBike, GE Treadmill T2000, T2100 
  • Preprogrammed exercise protocols 
    • User configured with default ergometry protocols in CASE 
    • The final reports are printed on a colour laser printer 


CASE ES features include: 

  • Double flatscreen system for simultaneous presentation of all cardiopulmonary parameters and graphs 
  • Colour laser printer 
  • PowerCube-Ergo measurement system for metabolic stress testing, consisting of: 
    • PowerCube measurement module - LF 8 Software 
    • Supplies and accessories 
  • Mounting kit for mounting and installing flat screen, printer, PowerCube module and gas bottle for gas analysis     

Features of the PowerCube Ergo measurement module: 

  • Quick-responding and highly stable gas analyzers for real breath-by-breath-measurements 
  • O2 Analyzer: Micro-fuel cell 
  • CO2 Analyzer: Ultrasound 
  • Automated interpretation scheme according to Karlman Wasserman 

9-panel-graphic according to Wasserman online also during the measurement