Product Overview

Centricity 360™, a GE Predictivity™ solution helps Hospital Administrators streamline clinical collaboration with unaffiliated clinicians and patients to help reduce duplicate imaging, avoid unnecessary patient transfers, lower CD distribution costs and enhance referral relationships – all with no capital investment. 

It liberates affiliated and non-affiliated physicians from silos of care by fostering a clinical community where they can quickly confer on patient cases, simultaneously access patients’ images and reports and collaborate on diagnosis and treatment plans.

GE’s Centricity 360 leverages an enterprise-grade and secure cloud platform that delivers a suite of imaging applications to make data exchange, clinical analysis, and results communication easy for physicians in their care settings. GE’s Centricity 360 offers a flexible business model that allows organizations to pay for imaging services based on their consumption. Simultaneously, it simplifies IT maintenance by reducing onsite infrastructure and offloading software updates, back-up operations and disaster recovery from internal staffs, driving down capital and operational expenses. GE’s Centricity 360 taps into Predix™1 - GE’s software platform for the Industrial Internet, which is proven across a range of mission-critical environments.

1-Predix™ is GE’s software platform for the Industrial Internet. Predix enables asset and operations optimization by providing a standard way to run industrial-scale analytics and connect machines, data, and people. Whether your solutions are deployed on machines, on-premise or in the cloud, Predix provides an integrated stack of technologies for distributed computing and big data analytics, asset management, machine-to-machine communication and mobility, meeting your needs for scalability, extensibility, customizability, and security.


Centricity 360™, a GE Predictivity™ solution serves your networks of care by:

Helping strengthen relationships with referring communities.

Primary care physicians and referring physicians can quickly exchange patient information for second opinions, consults and specialty referrals.

Enhancing clinician collaboration and broadening access to information.

Secure and easy sharing of patient images and results with any enrolled user on the network.

Ability to quickly view, reply to, forward or download patient cases.

Helping enhance patient care and patient satisfaction.

Care teams can respond quickly in critical situations like trauma and stroke; where multi-disciplinary care team collaboration requires quick and simultaneous access to patients images and reports.

With access to patient portals1, patients can securely access and manage their images and results online, as opposed to managing physical media such as CD/DVD/paper.

Enhancing efficiencies and helping reduce direct and indirect costs associated with traditional methods of image exchange including:

Inbound and outbound CD management costs (media creation, mailing, rework, manual ingestion etc).

Unnecessary patient transfers and duplicate imaging.

Point to point VPN solutions and additional capital intensive hardware server/storage on site.

Infrastructure costs associated with ongoing maintenance and support of on-site IT solutions.

1-Future service disclaimer: Descriptions of future functionality reflect current product direction, are for informational purposes only and do not constitute a commitment to provide specific functionality. Timing and availability are subject to change and applicable regulatory approvals.



Bi-directional information exchange using a secure online portal.

Easy & rapid sharing of DICOM or Non-DICOM content.

Vendor agnostic. Upload images and data from any DICOM device or CD/USB type media.

“One click share” of images directly from a GE Healthcare Centricity PACS viewer allows quick sharing with minimal clicks.

Zero footprint non-diagnostic viewer with basic 3D capabilities. View Images and open reports from your PC, Apple® Mac®, Apple® iPad, or Android devices. Browser compatibility with Chrome™ and Microsoft® Internet Explorer® 9, 10.

Ability to send and receive secure messages to any registered user on the Centricity 360™, a GE Predictivity™ solution community.

Content & user hierarchy management settings allows you to manage groups, connections, communities and user preferences.

Analytics and reporting capability provides full transparency to usage at the user, patient or site level along with providing insights into data trends and usage patterns.

Security and data privacy controls built on industry standard practices including SSL encryption, secure DICOM, HIPAA/BAA compliance.

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Centricity 360™, a GE Predictivity™ solution securely enables collaboration on critical patient data and results between healthcare providers within and beyond network boundaries.

For Hospital executives: GE’s Centricity 360 services help facilitate boundary free collaboration across affiliated and non-affiliated care teams in order to help reduce duplicate imaging, unnecessary patient transfers and the burden of CD driven workflows, while improving your patients’ and clinicians’ experience.

On the left hand side of the image is an African American man in a whiteshirt holding an iPad with medical images on it. He's showing the iPad to a white man in a black suitwho is holding glasses in his right hand.

Helps enable rapid collaboration with your referral groups on critical results, second opinions or consults.

Enhances accessibility of images and patient data across your care community.

Helps reduce the costs associated with a CD based image exchange.

Helps speed transfer of patient images when your clinicians leverage built-in integration with GE Healthcare Centricity PACS.

Helps reduce the burden of duplicative imaging to your organization and your patients. 

Helps you inform your business decisions with data and analytics driven insights based on referral volume sources and trends, collaboration frequencies and other operational metrics, available at your fingertips.

For clinicians: GE’s Centricity 360 services provide a professional social network for specialists and physicians to connect with each other and collaborate on patient cases along with exchanging images and results in a speedy and secure manner.

Helps enhance referral relationships by enabling easier collaboration and quick communication of results. Clinicians can quickly inquire or send patient’s images and reports for a second opinion or specialty consult.

Simple and easy to use web based portal with an attractive and simple user interface that allows you initiate, manage, review, forward and reply to patient cases.

Low training requirements... easy to learn systems that require reduced training so valuable physician time is spent on delivering care.

Easy way to collaborate with other clinicians and physicians for consultations and reviews.