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Centricity Perioperative is highly adaptable perioperative management software that integrates surgery and anaesthesia workflows throughout your enterprise, helping your team with OR inventory, OR scheduling, nursing documentation, pre-op and post-op care, and more.

An industry-leading Anaesthesia Information Management System (AIMS), Centricity Perioperative Anaesthesia streamlines anaesthesia documentation and the management of patient data throughout your facility. It can help provide more predictable patient care, enable more access to clinical information, and optimise reimbursement in anaesthesia.

A feature-rich surgery management system, Centricity Perioperative Manager addresses the business and administrative aspects of enhanced patient care. It helps you optimise room utilisation, resource efficiency, and inventory charge capture, as well as manage a smoother operation to promote staff and patient satisfaction.

Anaesthesia IT

CentricityTM Perioperative Anaesthesia is an industry-leading Anaesthesia Information Management System (AIMS) that streamlines anaesthesia documentation in intraoperative, as well as providing perioperative workflow support from an anaesthesia IT system that is designed to help providers from pre-operative through PACU, and even into ancillary areas where anaesthesia is provided.

In the intraoperative, Centricity Perioperative Anaesthesia provides anaesthesia documentation that can help with adherence to clinical protocols to support your surgical site infection prevention goals.  For providers, Centricity Perioperative Anaesthesia provides anaesthesia IT that can help provide more predictable patient care, enable more access to clinical information, and help optimize revenue cycle efficiencies in anaesthesia.  And for the hospital, Centricity Perioperative Anaesthesia is an anaesthesia information management system that can help increase on-time surgery starts, reduce Pre Admission Clinic workload, and enable patient throughput in perioperative and ancillary areas.

OR Supplies

Facing major capital and operational budget pressures, most healthcare organisations are seeking more effective ways to reduce Operating Theatre supply costs while preserving or even enhancing patient safety, operational efficiency, and staff productivity. In stock, non-stock, and special order items on hand typically run from about $1 million for smaller hospitals to around $4 million for larger institutions. Averaging about nine inventory turns a year, hospitals are spending anywhere from  $6 million to $24 million annually on supplies.* Management of the Operating Theatre supply chain is a critical step to helping reduce these costs.

With CentricityTM Perioperative technology, your hospital can harness the power of information technology to help enhance your Operating Theatre supply chain management.  You can have accurate information on the materials on hand, allowing you to help reduce your inventory carrying costs and enhance your Operating Theatre utilisation. Its robust tissue-tracking records and sterile-processing documentation help enable you to stay ahead of regulatory requirements.   

Centricity Perioperative technology gives you the flexibility you need. It can be automated  in stages to enhance your management functionality and capabilities as your needs and budget grow.   

*Based on GE Healthcare Centricity Perioperative observations of the supply management methods of   over 100 hospitals and surgery centers.


CentricityTM Perioperative Clinical Documentation is designed to meet the needs of nurses, physicians, Operating Theatre and Clinical Services Directors and CEOs by providing accurate data, decreasing turnaround time, supporting the highest level and regulatory standards and enabling better business practices to help reduce costs. Its intuitive perioperative nursing documentation features allow the perioperative nurse to record data as it occurs in real time throughout the perioperative care continuum, virtually automating the Operating Theatre.  Intuitive Anaesthesia Information Management System (AIMS) can help make electronic anaesthesia documentation easier than paper charting for anaesthesia providers.  

Centricity Perioperative nursing documentation supports the documentation requirements that a perioperative nurse is faced with on a daily basis such as clinical assessments, pain scores, implant tracking and resource consumption from the procedure pick list. By utilising Clinical Pathways, perioperative nursing documentation elements are standardised by procedure to automatically provide the nurse with valuable patient and procedure information to help streamline the nursing documentation process through charting by exception. 

For anaesthesia providers who document on paper or legacy electronic anaesthesia documentation systems, Centricity Perioperative Anaesthesia can help with adherence to clinical protocols to support your surgical site infection prevention goals.  It can also make electronic anaesthesia documentation easier than paper charting through a touch screen designed for intraoperative anaesthesia documentation, clinical lists to help providers follow standard protocols, and vital sign device capture to reduce repetitive tasks for anaesthesia documentation.

OR Scheduling

CentricityTM Perioperative is a surgery management system that helps perioperative administration and staff to enhance patient care, optimise Operating Theatre utilisation and perioperative provider efficiency, and maintain correct Operating Theatre inventory charge capture. The easily configurable system can help streamline everything from Operating Theatre scheduling and Operating Theatre resource management to perioperative billing and management reporting.

An intuitive Operating Theatre scheduling system allows Web-enabled scheduling across your critical care areas, including operating rooms, cath lab, burn unit, Pre Admission Clinic, and PACU. Pre-op assessment forms can help perioperative staff capture the relevant data for each patient to enhance perioperative patient flow.  Pathway based charting for Operating Theatre nursing documentation helps support quality standards. Its bar code based Operating Theatre instrument charting can more effectively drive your perioperative supply chain, and robust tissue-tracking and other capabilities help you stay ahead of perioperative regulatory requirements.  Centricity Perioperative Tracker offers a real-time view of patients, perioperative resources and surgical case events while Centricity Perioperative Bed Manager gives real-time Operating Theatre bed management from Preop through PACU accessible from a mobile platform1.  PACU management capabilities increase efficiency for PACU nurses with scripts that offer quick touch-screen data entry, the ability to vary content by patient population, device capture of vital signs, and easy reference of intraoperative data.

1.Where there is an Internet connection


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CentricityTM Perioperative brings you a system that is specifically designed for Operating Theatre and anaesthesia IT management while having the interoperability capabilities that enable data flows as needed to other IT systems in your organisation.  This helps providers have the data they need at the point of care in the most critical areas of your organisation. 

Centricity Perioperative is a proven perioperative interoperability solution with over 600 interfaces deployed for 300+ customers to 35 different IT systems. These include standard interfaces for the data that your perioperative team needs to work efficiently from your inpatient electronic medical record (EMR) or hospital information system (HIS), hospital charge or billing system, materials management, or lifetime clinical repository (LCR).  Centricity Perioperative also has a discreet data interface (DDI) that can pass any discreet data element into or out of any field in any of your hospital IT systems that support discreet data elements.  

New with Centricity Perioperative 7.9, the Perioperative-EMR URL allows users to seamlessly view EMR data in Centricity Perioperative and spend less time looking for patient information.  Through patient context and credential sharing, the Perioperative EMR-URL reduces redundant data entry and allows access to information in other IT systems in workflow cases where interfaces are impractical.

Analytics Dashboard

Predictive tools provide early intervention to help avoid unwanted events such as unplanned overtime  

CentricityTM Perioperative High Acuity Analytics provides metrics Operating Theatre Management need to adjust in near- real time to changes throughout the day, helping to optimise perioperative performance and enhance profitability. 

Actionable alerts are reinforced by visual design standards for key perioperative metrics  

  • On-time case starts
  • Case volume 
  • Room utilisation 
  • Room turnover 
  • Projected room closing High 

High Acuity Analytics is powered by Predix™, GE’s software platform for the Industrial Internet that enables asset and operations optimisation by providing a standard way to run industrial-scale analytics and connect machines, data, and people. Learn more about Predix.


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