Centricity* Enterprise Archive: High performance medical content management

Centricity Enterprise Archive is a proven, high-performance medical content management platform that helps CIOs ensure institutes and physicians have fast, reliable access to patient data. This cloud-based medical image data storage solution also helps IT reduce overhead while enhancing the effectiveness of medical imaging management.

Centricity Enterprise Archive offers healthcare enterprises the foundation they need to establish accountable care and meaningful use initiatives. Assuring IT convergence, Centricity Enterprise Archive provides physician satisfaction in thousands of deployments worldwide with a wide range of scale.

GE Healthcare's Centricity Enterprise Archive and the Southwestern Ontario Diagnostic Network

The Southwestern Ontario Diagnostic Network is one of four diagnostic imaging repositories in Ontario, Canada and is the largest to date. Now radiologists, referring physicians and specialists across Southwestern Ontario can view images and reports anywhere, anytime. This repository is the first of its kind in North America to provide access to a comprehensive record of patient images acquired at multiple facilities from multiple vendor platforms.


Centricity Enterprise Archive helps you:

  • Meet accountable care and meaningful use initiatives with access to a patient-centric longitudinal record of DICOM or non-DICOM unstructured data
  • Enhance physician satisfaction by image-enabling the EMR with a single-point-of-access to a patient-centric longutidinal record
  • Reduce IT overhead and management with a single software suite to aggregate disparate departmental system storage silos
  • Master state and regulatory retention requirements with powerful image lifecyle management tools
  • Create an IT infrastructure that is separate and distinct from any departmental PACS with open standards storage and interface triggers
  • Enable complex workflows with comprehensive pre-fetch capabilities based on healthcare standard messaging protocols utilizing DICOM and HL7
  • Take ownership of future data migrations by de-coupling from your departmental PACS and de-coupling from storage vendor
  • Ensures interoperability in a multi-vendor environment and your long term control with a comprehensive standards-based technology stack and messaging subsystem that strictly adheres to: DICOM 3.0, HL7, XDS/XDS-I & WADO
  • Support on-premise and cloud-based deployment models meeting current and future potential architectural enhancements
  • Scale the platform to fit your needs from a single departmental DICOM archive to a multi-site enterprise archive for an IDN to an XDS-enabled image exchange for a large metropolitan area or country
  • Support institutional objectives for access and uptime with solutions for disaster recovery, business continuence and high availability
  • Backed by expert GE Healthcare service team available 24/7 before, during, and after implementation


Centricity Enterprise Archive is used by thousands of facilities today managing billions of images in on-premise and cloud deployment scenarios worldwide and offers these comprehensive features:

  • Flexible, high performance architecture with a variety of deployment models ranging from:
    • centralized
    • federated
    • regionalized with client-based or GE Healthcare hosted solutions across on-premise or
      cloud-based models
  • Image Lifecycle Management (ILM) that supports state and regulatory retention requirements and takes control of future migrations with EA ILM
  • Web-based viewer technology to image-enable your EMR and support the display of XDS and DICOM
  • Ensured interoperability with support for DICOM 3.0, HL7, XDS/XDS-I and WADO

Customer Value

Centricity Enterprise Archive helps institution decision makers from CIOs to IT professionals prepare for accountable care and meaningful use initiatives. Here’s a summary of how Centricity Enterprise Archive can benefit you:

If you’re a clinician, Centricity Enterprise Archive provides:

  • A single point of access to the patient-centric longitudinal record
  • A patient-centric longitudinal record accessible through the EMR
  • Interoperability across departmental, enterprise and ownership boundaries

If you’re CIO, Centricity Enterprise Archive helps:

  • Reduce IT overhead
  • Enhance effective system management 
  • Provide a standards-based architecture with:
    • aggregate departmental PACS storage, eliminating islands of information
    • interoperability with existing departmental PACS
    • flexible deployment architectures including: centralized or federated; on-premise or Cloud; site-ownership or hosted

If you work in healthcare IT Centricity Enterprise Archive assures:

  • Support organizational standards and resource initiatives
  • Adherence to industry standards for interoperability and platform support
  • Interoperability with:
    • existing departmental PACS
    • enterprise (EMR) systems using DICOM, HL7, XDS and WADO


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