Helping to improve imaging workflow and patient care with Centricity* PACS-IW

GE Healthcare’s Centricity PACS-IW is an integrated picture archiving and communication system (PACS) designed to help improve imaging workflow and enhance patient safety in community hospital radiology departments, imaging centers, and multi-specialty group practices. Built with all the flexibility and advanced technology required by today’s medical enterprises and healthcare reform regulations, this web-based solution offers simplicity of design, breadth of functionality, integration flexibility, and compelling value.

Centricity PACS-IW Overview Video


Designed to meet - and exceed - your needs, Centricity PACS-IW:

  • Enhances your ability to collaborate within and outside your care setting on complicated imaging cases
  • Helps ensure better interactive communication with the healthcare community making consultations and referrals easier
  • Provides complete imaging integration to electronic medical records
  • Allows you to choose the best application for your clinical requirements and enjoy the optimum level of integration and workflow for your specific needs
  • Draws on GE Healthcare’s expertise to help ensure:
    • operational excellence
    • physician has tool to help achieve higher levels of patient safety and satisfaction
    • more productive physician/hospital interaction


Through the power of the web, Centricity PACS-IW offers:

  • A single interface and database across all viewers
  • Volume-based pricing for unlimited scale
  • Support for commercial off-the-shelf hardware
  • Turnkey deployment by GE Healthcare or customer for a software-only model
  • A portable imaging desktop providing:
    • the largest of today’s 64-slice CT studies
    • integrated 3D (MIP/MPR) on all viewers, even on CDs

PACS-IW additionally allows desktop integration with some of the marketplace’s third-party clinical applications including:

  • Voice recognition
  • Orthopedic templating and planning
  • Advanced nuclear medical imaging
  • Advanced PET/CT fusion and visualization
  • Peer review and critical results management

Customer Value

Centricity PACS-IW is flexible and can be adapted to the needs of several categories of users:

Radiologists enjoy total access to imaging procedures - on or off-site

  • Extensive anywhere image manipulation
    • window/level, zoom, pan, stack, triangulation
    • embedded 3D: MIP/MPR
    • annotations, measurements, presentation states
  • Robust study navigation
    • SNAP! Tool (patent-pending) for fast, easy study layouts
    • automatically hang current, prior and baseline studies
    • unlimited number of manual comparison studies
  • Comprehensive range of integrated clinical applications
    • enables reading more studies on PACS
    • further enhances productivity
  • Remote access to images and data
    • at the hospital or imaging center
    • at home via the Internet

Referring physicians appreciate sophisticated imaging technology that’s simple to use

  • Automatic e-mail notification
  • E-mail templates that can be locally branded
  • Secure digital access to imaging procedures and reports, regardless of where they were performed
    • Same software tools as the radiologist’s
    • Images can be easily manipulated including, zoom, pan, stack, etc.
    • Convenient access to images and data:
      • At hospital(s)
      • At imaging center(s)
      • On a home computer via the Internet
    • Real-time access to imaging and reporting results
    • No more visits to the film file room

IT Department professionals find that Centricity PACS-IW’s 100% web-based architecture:

  • Can be administered from anywhere
  • Uses HTTPS encryption
  • Needs only standards-based, off-the-shelf hardware
  • Has standards-based data storage - DICOM and JPEG 2000
  • Makes clustered, replicated and business continuity solutions available
  • Offers restricted referring-physician access control
  • Supports privacy and security auditing - action can be tracked by study or user and is subject to individual or group-based privileges; authorized users can grant temporary study access

Patients benefit from quicker, more accurate, and more secure record keeping by:

  • Shorter waits for results
  • Greater peace of mind about privacy and accessibility of records
  • Patient files that meet the industry’s portability standards - IHE PDI CDs
  • Convenient web-access to records by primary care physician(s)

Universal Viewer


Centricity PACS and Centricity PACS-IW with Universal Viewer introduce an intuitive imaging application that connects advanced visualization, provides extensive breast imaging tools, image-enables EMR systems, and unlocks patient history from silos to better inform and streamline diagnosis. It’s all delivered in an easy-to-use, web-based, and unified reading desktop. Designed to work with GE Healthcare’s Centricity PACS, Centricity PACS-IW, and Centricity Clinical Archive, Universal Viewer is where imaging all comes together. 

Universal Viewer optimizes radiologist work-flow efficiency through the use of advanced study layouts; multiple presentation states; advanced, intelligent hanging protocols with variable-sized, asymmetrical windows and “copies” of windows; 2-D stack-based reading tools; and an integrated view of 3-D reconstructions. 

Within a few mouse clicks, a referrer accesses the same software and clinical tools as radiologists: report and diagnosis, key images, and scanned documents, as well as access to the patient study and set of viewing tools. The overall user interface is highly customizable to meet explicit needs and preferences of the users. 

Universal Viewer is a unified web-based viewer that focuses on improving productivity and enhancing patient care by delivering standard as well as many innovative applications and technologies including:  

  • Intelligent productivity tools, including smart hanging protocols;  
  • Advanced Visualization applications, including oncology; powered by AW
  • Breast Imaging Workflow, including screening and diagnostic capabilities; 
  • A common, streamlined, ergonomic user interface; and  
  • Access anywhere the Internet is available — web based, zero footprint and web client access.    

For Radiologists

Universal Viewer is a next-generation viewer that requires less exam setup. Its smart reading protocols  give users the option to apply case-based reasoning techniques, including machine learning algorithms, image analytics, and text mining for automating exam setup. It places the visionary radiologist at the forefront of technology. 

Learn more about Universal Viewer by watching our videos shown above.


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