Software for all of your anesthesia and surgery management needs

Centricity Perioperative is highly adaptable perioperative management software that integrates surgery and anesthesia workflows throughout your enterprise, helping your team with OR inventory, OR scheduling, nursing documentation, pre-op and post-op care, and more.

A feature-rich surgery management system, Centricity Perioperative Manager addresses the business and administrative aspects of enhanced patient care. It helps you optimize room utilization, resource efficiency, and inventory charge capture, as well as manage a smoother operation to promote staff and patient satisfaction.

An industry-leading Anesthesia Information Management System (AIMS), Centricity Perioperative Anesthesia streamlines anesthesia documentation and the management of patient data throughout your facility. It can help provide more predictable patient care, enable more access to clinical information, and optimize reimbursement in anesthesia.

Centricity Perioperative - Surgery Management Software


Synchronize surgery and anesthesia for enhanced patient care

Developed by an interdisciplinary team of clinicians and IT experts, Centricity Perioperative surgery management and anesthesia information management systems can help drive optimized clinical decisions and financial outcomes.

  • Access to more accurate, timely information
    • Leverage deep clinical depth and functionality with software designed for the perioperative workflow
    • Access detailed patient data at all points of perioperative care
    • Helps ensure compliance with  analytic features that support PQRI, SCIP, TJC measures
    • Customize software to meet  hospital needs
  • Increase efficiency
    • Minimize redundant charting with documentation that is sent to all team members
    • Reduce reporting workload with discrete data interface (DII)
    • Optimize system performance with components designed for interoperability
  • Focus on patient care
    • Help facilitate enhanced care with advanced reporting
    • Support patient privacy with secure reporting features
    • Help drive predictable outcomes with an optimized anesthesia plan of care
  • Help drive adoption
    • Pave the way to a smooth start with pre-implementation services
    • Improve adoption with an intuitive Anesthesia Informational Management System (AIMS) and user-friendly interface
  • Maximize investment
    • Enhance revenue cycle management with integrated pro-fee billing
    • Efficiently manage resources such as OR scheduling, OR inventory and drug cost
    • Produce faster, more accurate reports with an automated billing indicator
    • Meet certain criteria to demonstrate Meaningful Use and help drive incentive payments with Modular EHR Certification


Centricity Perioperative is easily configured to meet user needs, institutional best practices, and evolving regulatory standards with these special features:

  • Intra-operative documentation and clinical scripts based on your specific OR or anesthesia procedures
  • Anesthesia clinical assessments
  • Pro-fee billing
  • PAT Clinic Manager
  • Perioperative Clinical Information Viewer
  • Components designed for interoperability
  • Discrete Data Interface (DDI) to interface any discreet data element with virtually any IS system
  • Proactive support from GE Healthcare before, during and after implementation
  • Modular certified EHRs


Centricity Perioperative was designed with input from clinical experts in surgery and anesthesia with a focus on enabling quality outcomes. Below is a brief overview of the advantages that Centricity Perioperative offers to each member of the perioperative team:

OR Directors and VPs of Surgical Services:

  • Help ensure safety and efficiency in the OR and the office
  • Support quality assurance reporting for The Joint Commission, SCIP, P4P, and internal performance programs
  • Optimize documentation and reports to help drive efficiency, first case starts, and turnover

Perioperative Clinicians:

  • Customize the solution to match workflow and minimize documentation time
  • Make more informed decisions and document care faster with access to synchronized patient data at all points of care
  • Help enhance revenue cycle efficiency with integrated pro-fee billing

CIOs and CFOs:

  • Help drive quality clinical and financial outcomes with superior surgery and anesthesia workflow
  • Jump start ROI with a fast track pre-implementation program
  • Obtain faster, more accurate reports with an automated anesthesia billing indicator



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