Clinical versatility you require, future scalability you’ll value

With its 31 cm x 31 cm (12.2 in.) flat panel detector, the Optima CL323i is designed specifically to meet the general purpose needs of clinicians, offering cost-effective performance and high return on investment.
Optima CL323i was designed from the ground up to provide the image clarity you need while keeping dose as low as possible. Dose reduction feature like Dose Personalization1 give you the tools to choose from up to five2 automatic exposure preferences for your system. You can also modify3 any of these preferences in any clinical protocol to enable multi-procedure, multi-user customization and thus make well-informed decisions.
This versatile, reliable interventional system answers your basic Interventional Cardiology need with StentViz - out stent enhancement visualization tool, and with Innova 3D – a tool that allows you to acquire and reconstruct 3D anatomy information.


Mid-size panel for clinical versatility

With its 31 cm (12.2 in) square flat panel digital detector, the Optima CL323i is ideally suited for use in both interventional radiology and interventional cardiology procedures. Its ideal detector size lets you adapt easily to a mixed cardiology and peripheral vascular imaging environment.

Superb image quality with high Detective Quantum Efficiency (DQE)

The proprietary angiography flat-panel detector offers one of the industry’s highest ratings for Detective Quantum Efficiency (DQE), a parameter internationally acknowledged as an index of detector performance in contrast- and dose-limited imaging performed in clinical studies. High DQE enables better-quality images at the same dose, or the same quality image at a lower dose.

Lower dose by design

GE designs systems from the ground up with the tried and trusted GE imaging chain, optimized to provide the image clarity you need while keeping dose as low as possible. Our dose-reduction features empower you to easily optimize and personalize dose settings from the tableside, while maintaining clinical details you need to make well-informed decisions. But improving dose management takes a strategy – what we call the GE Blueprint. It includes low-dose imaging technologies for minimally invasive procedures, but also considers the people, culture and processes around them.
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Cost-effective performance

As a GE Optima product, the Optima CL323i is a workhorse system designed for robust productivity and high patient throughput all with low cost of ownership. Easy-to-use controls help you streamline your workflow during procedures.



Innova 3D


Enhance stent visualization
StentViz stent enhancement technology provides excellent visualization of stent borders and details, helping you assess
stent deployment during coronary
interventions. It automatically detects both the guidewire and the marker balls, helping you perform an elastic registration that allows compensation for non-rigid stent deformation. In addition, it removes radio-opaque objects for optimal stent visibility
and robust performance.

Perform 3D imaging in the interventional lab
Innova 3D is an acquisition mode that provides 3D imaging from rotational angiography, allowing you to clearly
visualize complex vasculature in the
interventional lab. It provides high-contrast 3D images that show fine spatial resolution through a full range of tissue densities. It is automatically reconstructed using your preferred parameters on the Advantage Workstation, giving you access to a full
range of analysis tools.
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Simplify and automate bolus chasing
InnovaBreeze* is a subtracted peripheral vascular imaging technique that lets you follow the contrast bolus in real time using variable panning speed control. Depending on detector size, you can capture the bolus in both legs while imaging thin vessels with high quality. Divided pixel shift helps you adjust each leg separately and compensate for patient movements. 



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