The tools, products and systems in our Life Sciences division support a number of critical applications in the field of bioprocessing.

For example, bioprocessing workflows can be crucial for ensuring the consistency and safe quality of the end product – without sacrificing production efficiency. Our products help you achieve this in all areas of the research, development and manufacturing process.

Drug discovery research plays a vital role in the development of any new therapy and we help you meet the challenges of providing safe and effective therapies at a cost that won’t be prohibitive.

We can also assist you in improving your protein, cell and nucleic acid research capabilities with products supporting cell therapy research, the identification and modification of nucleic acids and protein purification among many others.

Whether you need to carry out stem cell research, environmental monitoring, protein purification or something else, we can help you. 


Our products cover many different areas of healthcare innovation, from analytical technologies and training to chromatography and molecular biology products.

With our analytical technologies you can analyse biomolecules such as nucleic acids and proteins. We can help with products for automated DNA sequencing, electrophoresis, cell analysis and imaging, spectrophotometry and more.

Our bioprocess single-use products ensure your production of biopharmaceuticals benefits from increased efficiency and flexibility, without compromising on product safety.

We provide bioprocess single-use products to aid in cell culture and fermentation, separation and purification, fluid management and connectivity.

If you’re looking to carry out research and development involving biomolecule purification and separation, talk to us about our chromatography products.

With media or resins available for all established chromatographic techniques and complete production systems for the manufacture of your biopharmaceuticals, we have everything you need.

We can also provide you with access to the full range of Whatman laboratory filtration products, from filter papers and membrane filters to microbiology filtration and other useful devices.

We also have a range of ready-to-use technologies that help facilitate cell culture and preparation. With a portfolio that includes WAVE and Xcellerex products, you can get the support you need for your drug discovery research.

If you need filtration solutions or support for integrated bioprocessing applications at any stage of your drug development process, we can help with our bioprocess filtration products.

Featuring both crossflow filtration and normal flow filtration systems and products, we have the solutions you need for your drug discovery research and development.

If you’re in need of further support throughout this process we can offer help in the form of comprehensive training and education services. We deliver hands-on training courses in Biacore and MicroCal technologies so participants get a greater depth of knowledge about all aspects of bioprocessing.


Today, GE Healthcare Life Sciences consists of a variety of successful brands and products including WAVE, the very first disposable bioreactor and Whatman, the company specialising in separations technology.

We have a diverse range of brands including Amersham and Biacore to Sephadex and AKTA. We pride ourselves on the strong legacy of these brands and continue to invest in the future of our Life Sciences division with recent acquisitions such as Xcellerex and Applied Precision, Inc.

Many of the products and brands in our extensive catalog have been trusted by the medical industry for years.

For example, Ficoll-Paque products are some of the leading reagents used in preparing human mononuclear cells from bone marrow and blood. The name has been a leader in the field for over 30 years now and continues to deliver when it comes to performance.

We also offer the Percoll media for density gradient centrifugation of cells, viruses and subcellular particles. It has many advantages, as it is non-toxic to cells and adjustable to physiological ionic strength and pH.

Our chromatography products are second to none, with a variety of Sepharose media available for your use.

For more information about our Life Sciences research and development, contact us at GE Healthcare.