MR Radiation Oncology Suite

When combined with the advanced capabilities of wide-bore magnetic resonance imaging, our MR Radiation Oncology Suite may help you more effectively characterize disease, plan treatment options, target tumors, preserve healthy tissue and assess response to therapy. Moreover, it also helps minimize potential registration errors between MR and CT within treatment plans. We designed patient-positioning packages for a broad range of tumor treatments, including brain, head and neck, prostate and gynecological. These packages offer you the freedom to purchase only what you need now, providing the flexibility you need to meet budget and clinical needs.

MR radiation oncology suite with patient.


Our MR Radiation Oncology Suite provides you with these benefits:

  • Ability to target and treat your patients’ cancer without harming the healthy tissue surrounding it.
  • Allows MR imaging in the treatment position.
  • More effective and efficient integration of MR images into the radiation-treatment planning workflow.
  • Excellent spatial integrity with 3D GradWarp distortion correction.
  • MR image fusion to CT-based treatment plans.
  • MR-compatible solutions for patient immobilization.


The Radiation Oncology Suite offers you these features, developed with compatibility and artifact reduction in mind:

  • GEM Express patient table with embedded high-density, posterior RF coil array—allows imaging of the pelvic and abdomen in the treatment position.
  • Six-channel flex coil enables high-resolution brain/head and neck imaging utilizing industry-standard Radiation Therapy masks.
  • Radiation Oncology positioning Insert with industry standard indexing.
  • MR-compatible, interloc-style, three-pin Loc-BarTM—attaches various baseplates to the table.
  • Head Uni-frame Positioning Package.
  • Type-S™ Overlay Head- and Neck-Positioning Package.
  • Posifix® Head- and Neck-Positioning Package.
  • HipFix® Positioning Package.
  • Split-leg Vac-Lok™ cushion for use with HipFix system.
  • Kneefix™ patient leg wedge and Feetfix™ patient foot supports.

Radiation Oncology Suite

1.5T GEM Suite RT Open array.

1.5T GEM Suite RT Open array.


1.5T GEM RT Head and Neck Suite (full package).

1.5T GEM RT Head and Neck Suite (full package).


Radiation Oncology Suite: Anterior array.

GEM Suite anterior array.


Radiation Oncology Suite: Hip-flex positioning package.

HipFix® positioning package.


Radiation Oncology Suite: Knee fix and Feet fix.

KneefixTM patient leg wedge and Feetfix* patient foot supports.


Radiation Oncology Suite: GEM Express patient table.

GEM Express patient table (Posterior array elements depicted).

1.5T GEM Suite large flex coil.

1.5T GEM Suite large flex coil (can be used with 1.5T GEM RT Open Head & Neck Suite).


Radiation Oncology Suite: 6-channel flex coil.       

6-channel flex coil.


Six-channel flex coil with brain positioner.

Six-channel flex coil with brain positioner. (Part of 1.5T GEM RT Open Head & Neck Suite).


Radiation Oncology Suite: Type S Overlay head-and-neck.

Type-STM overlay head-and-neck positioning package.


Radiation Oncology Suite: Posifix head-and-neck positioning.

Posifix® head-and-neck positioning package.


Radiation Oncology Suite: positioning insert.

MR radiation oncology positioning insert.



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