In MR imaging, magnetic susceptibility effect can obscure or mimic pathology – especially in challenging anatomies. IDEAL provides robust, homogenous fat/water separation even in difficult to scan anatomies. It generates four different contrasts – water-only, fat-only, in-phase, and out-of-phase – from one single acquisition. Robust, homogenous fat suppression and additional tissue insights aid in more-confident diagnoses and eliminate the need for a separate fat saturation scan.

Neuro MRI
IDEAL reduces chemical shift artifacts in images of difficult to scan anatomies, such as spine, orbits, skull base, and neck.

IDEAL helps preserve image integrity and suppress fat also in areas of high magnetic susceptibility.

Body MRI
IDEAL delivers robust, consistent fat/water separation, and additional tissue information, such as presence and distribution of fat, to aid more confident diagnosis.

"IDEAL fat-water separation really enables us to do things in musculoskeletal MRI that we couldn't do before (...) and has really revolutionized our imaging in the neck and cervical spine."

Gary Gold, MD
Stanford University

Clinical & Economic Papers

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