Our enhanced Diffusion Weighted Imaging (eDWI) technique is designed to provide you with high signal-to-noise-ratio (SNR) diffusion images of the liver and brain with short-acquisition time. Its multi-b feature is designed to provide measurement of apparent diffusion coefficient (ADC) map with reduced effect of perfusion. In addition, "3in1" technique applies diffusion weighting to all three gradients simultaneously, helping improve sensitivity. Built in tetrahedral feature applies four different diffusion-weighting combinations of x, y, and z gradients simultaneously to acquire isotropic, diffusion-weighted images with high SNR and shorter TE. Its smart NEX feature significantly reduces your acquisition time. Inversion recovery has been deployed (for 1.5T only) to provide robust fat suppression. Enhanced DWI package includes the acquisition sequence and post-processing tools.  

 "In our facility, we have found that the high image quality of the IR-prep DWI sequence is applicable for a broad range of oncology studies and treatment monitoring"

Dr T. La Folie, HIA Laveran/Ste Anne, France  

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Discovery* MR750 3.0T
Discovery* MR750w 3.0T
Discovery* MR450 1.5T
Optima* MR450w 1.5T
Signa* HDxt 1.5T
Signa* HDxt 3.0T
Signa* VIBRANT 1.5T

Note: System software level 16.0 or higher is required for Signa HDxt and VIBRANT.


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