Powerful performance without compromise

At its core, the Brivo NM615 is an affordable nuclear medicine solution that delivers the flexibility to perform the most common nuclear medicine procedures and the option to expand your capabilities through simple software enhancements or on-site hardware upgrades. It’s an investment that is innovative now and always ready for the future:

  • Big technology at a small price
  • Productivity that can rival dual-head systems
  • Full on-site upgrade path to premium SPECT/CT
  • Support and reliability when you need it most


Affordable, easy-to-use nuclear medicine solution

The Brivo NM615 features advanced technology that can achieve acquisition times rivaling dual-head systems in many common procedures.  All with the affordability of a single head system and the ability to expand as your needs grow.

  • Reduce acquisition time with Evolution technology1
  • Scan faster with lower doses with Evolution technology1
  • Expand imaging capabilities as your needs change
  • Minimize distance between patients and detectors
  • Deliver dual-head performance with a single-head system with Evolution technology1 
  • Upgrade to premium imaging systems, software enhancements

1. As compared to previous generation GE Nuclear Medicine systems.


Brivo NM615 offers:

  • Ultra-thin design, auto-body contouring
  • Single-head system
  • SPECT-optimized collimators
  • Evolution technology
  • Advanced Elite NXT detectors
  • Pressure-sensitive detector covers
  • Handheld remote control
  • Ignite streamlined workflow
  • Xeleris* 3 workstation



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Brivo NM615 Brochure

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