Nuclear Medicine: Discovery CT 670.

SPECT/CT Cameras

Blending two essential and complementary medical imaging technologies on one innovative scanner provides the ability to capture two types of medical images with one machine – single photon emission computed tomography (SPECT) and computed tomography (CT). All at the same time.

SPECT/CT systems combine these two images into a single image and present combined results to aid physicians in making treatment decisions all in one study.

SPECT/CT Cameras


Q.Suite for SPECT/CT


Personalized care by the numbers.

Our Q.Suite technology for SPECT/CT may help clinicians gauge a patient’s progress more accurately than ever before, and optimize treatment, based on the patient’s unique response over time. The advanced tools in Q.Suite help ensure the accuracy of the images, consistent performance from the SPECT and CT equipment, and the integrity of the data generated.


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