Perioperative care area networking

Clinicians can access real-time, historical patient data and Full Disclosure for a comprehensive overview of the patient’s current condition. iCentral offers several options for patient history review including Full Disclosure, Event History and Trend features. Trends are available in both numeric and graphical contexts; there are 5 configurable pages to view any specific waveform that is of interest to the clinician.

Because iCentral provides interoperability across GE monitors and networks, patients can be moved between care areas throughout the hospital stay while patient information is continuously collected. Patient records include demographics, care notes, trends, events, snapshots, full disclosure and interfaced information.


With the iCentral you can:

  • View real-time data and review historical patient information
  • Simultaneously monitor up to 32 patients
  • Receive visual and audible alarming for patients connected to the iCentral
  • Access external web-based information resources via an integrated web browser
  • Print to electronic PDF format at the iCentral and iCentral Client
  • Support two independent patient screens


The iCentral offers these additional features:

  • Data is grouped to organ-specific cardiac, circulation, ventilation and brain views
  • Centralized viewing and display – alarms with associated priorities, numerics, real-time waveforms, and alarm limits from patient monitors
  • Graphic and numerical trends
  • Optional 72-hour event history with up to 500 snapshots, including all clinical alarms as well as manual snapshots
  • Optional 28 or 72 hours of full disclosure
  • Supports wireless patient monitoring (WLAN)
  • Up to 1024 patient monitors on the network are supported
  • HL7® interface with Connectivity Gateway
  • Supports most monitors on the S/5 Network and the CARESCAPE Network


Resource Library

CARESCAPE iCentral Product Specs

  • Date Created: 11/16/2011
  • Document ID: DOC0619985