Designed to promote developmental care for infants

  • Whisper-quiet operation: Designed with no fan and no other mechanical moving parts, it operates at 22.4 dB(A) – significantly quieter than prescribed IEC guidelines of 60 dB(A).
  • No spill, no glare: Our innovative optical design minimises spill light outside the bed so neither caregivers nor other patients receive undesired exposure to light from the Lullaby LED.


Treat the patient, not the equipment

The Lullaby LED PT is designed to be user friendly and provide worry-free operation day after day.

  • Removable head - For seamless use with incubators
  • Lightweight - Only 10 kgs for exceptional maneuverability
  • Ultra compact - Small footprint takes minimal space
  • Adjustable height - By up to 47 cm
  • Lamp unit tilt - Up to 90˚ tilt, allowing use in conjunction with a radiant warmer
  • Omnidirectional, small wheels – Slide under most bassinets or warmers


The combination of optimal wavelength, high intensity and uniform light distribution yields a 28% faster total serum bilirubin breakdown1

An investment for today and tomorrow

  • Almost 6 years of night and day performance: Our LEDs are rated to last up to an incredible 50,000 hours2 before requiring replacement: 50X longer than CFL tubes that require replacement every 1000 hours. Result? A dramatic reduction in replacement costs, including cost of downtime.
  • Only 20-watt power consumption: Operating at just 20 watts – up to 80% less than other phototherapy systems
  1. Based on calculations from Osaku NO, Lopes HS. A dose response model for the conventional phototherapy of the new born. Journal of Clinical Monitoring and Computing. 2006;20(3):159-164
  2. Before a 30% drop in irradiance. Rating is by LED manufacturer under specified operating conditions


The Lullaby LED Phototherapy System specifications include:

  • Overall dimensions 530 mm x 550 mm x 1700 mm (at maximum height)
  • Unit weight 10 kg
  • Spectral irradiance (using an Ohmeda Medical BiliBlanket* Meter II)
    High irradiance mode: > 45 μW/cm2/nm
    Low irradiance mode: > 22 μW/cm2/nm
  • LED lamps are rated to last up to 50,000 hours at high power (with 30% lumen depreciation)
  • Maximum noise level 22.4 dB (A)