The Engström Carestation is a critical care respiratory carestation that offers integration throughout the care process. It’s a comprehensive, expandable solution for the NICU, Pediatric and Adult ICU, and the Step-down unit.  With our exclusive FRC INview* and SpiroDynamics* technologies, the Engström Carestation is designed to help enhance your respiratory therapy capabilities, enabling you to measure Functional Residual Capacity (FRC), Tracheal pressures and more.

The Engström Carestation helps streamline your job and provides accurate information about your patients.

Engstrom Carestation iPanel.


The Engström Carestation helps streamline your job and provides accurate information about your patients.

Seamless Data Flow

To help ensure you have the right data to assess your patients, the Engström Carestation provides a seamless flow ofEngstrom Carestation, front view of product. information throughout the entire patient care process.

Invasive Ventilation Monitoring

In the event your patient’s ventilation requirements rapidly change, the Engström Carestation can quickly provide invasive ventilation.

Low Maintenance

The Engström Carestation is low maintenance, offering a maintenance-free paramagnetic (O2) sensor that is standard and never needs replacing. Plus, only one PM check is required annually with no PM recommended replacement parts.

Flexible Functionality

You can quickly enhance the functionality of your Engström Carestation with optional accessories and a multitude of data connectivity ports to accommodate future needs. 



Height: 44.5 cm/17.5 in (Display down); 67.5 cm/26.6 in (Display up)

Height including cart: 122 cm/48 in (Display down); 145 cm/57.1 in (Display up)

Width: 38 cm/15 in

Depth: 36 cm/14 in

Weight: 31 kg/68.3 lb (not including cart); 76 kg/167.6 lb (including cart)

Display motion

Vertical tilt: 160° in raised position; 60° in lowered position

Height adjustment: 23 cm/9.1 in


GE Healthcare’s SpiroDynamics is a new bedside inline tracheal pressure measurement system that allows tracheal pressure and intrinsic PEEP measurements to be monitored continuously, irrespective of ventilator settings.

  • Ability to monitor tracheal pressure regardless of ventilator setting
  • Dynostatic curve providing estimated Alveolar pressure
  • Inflection points may be visually detected
  • Enhanced detection of intrinsic PEEP due to ventilation settings or secretions

FRC INview

Measurement of FRC or the volume of gas in the lungs after expiration is an innovative technology. Typically, FRC has been difficult to measure on ventilated patients without interruption of the ventilation procedure or the use of additional, non-medical gas sources.

  • Direct measurement of end expiratory lung volume on mechanically ventilated patients
  • Supports assessment of the effectiveness of lung recruitment maneuvers
  • Calculations based on real-time function, without interruption of ventilation therapy