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With the growing use of ultrasound, healthcare providers are challenged to image patients of various ages and sizes, and encompass a wide range of clinical areas. It takes a special ultrasound system to help meet those demands – and the new LOGIQ* S7 system is equipped for the challenge.

For clinicians, this affordable, mobile ultrasound system is designed specifically to help you:

  • Enhance diagnostic confidence across applications with consistent image quality performance 
  • Help Increase exam speed, comfort and productivity with its user-sensitive design 
  • Achieve high utilization across multiple applications with LOGIQ S7's intuitive tools 

For administrators, the versatility of the LOGIQ S7 helps you maximize your purchasing dollar.

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GE's advanced transducer technology helps provide exceptional image quality and is available in a broad range of transducers designed to meet the needs of your specialty.

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Sensational Performance

LOGIQ S7 is engineered to provide quality and speed across applications.

  • S-Agile Architecture: Advanced LOGIQ architecture helps deliver consistently clear images with minimal keystrokes.
  • Advanced transducers: Powerful LOGIQ E-Series transducer technology enables excellent images to be acquired quickly.
  • Image optimization tools: LOGIQ S7 is packed full of tools to help enhance image quality such as contrast resolution and border definition.

Smart Design

The LOGIQ S7 user-centric design can help reduce operator fatigue while enhancing comfort. With LOGIQ S7, you can: 

  • See clearly. LOGIQ S7 can be modified according to operator height and preference: the control panel swivels and moves up/down independently from the monitor for easy positioning, and the 19” LCD monitor on an articulated arm helps users attain an excellent viewing angle.
  • Work efficiently. The intuitive interface offers user-friendly keys, backlit controls and smart keys to help promote peak performance. The 7” user-selectable touchscreen helps facilitate uninterrupted scanning.
  • Scan with ease. Scan Assistant, our customizable scanning program, helps decrease keystrokes, shorten exam time and increase exam efficiency.1

See smart design in action. View two-minute LOGIQ S7 video.

1. Study commissioned by GE Healthcare and conducted by an independent third party

Specialised Capabilities

Beyond its ability to scan a wide variety of body types, the LOGIQ S7 offers tools that help provide additional exam information, as well as enhance productivity and diagnostic confidence. Dedicated packages help clinicians perform efficient, specialised exams.

  • Advanced tools help provide innovative, in-depth care
  • Specialised features include B-Flow*, B-Steer + Needle Recognition including needle gain and adjustable angle for steering, Volume Imaging and Multi-Modality Query Retrieve
  • Specialised transducers include convex, linear, phased array, matrix array, 3D/4D volume convex and sector
  • Raw data capture begins early in the image-processing chain, giving clinicians the freedom to perform image adjustments, measurements and other functions after the exam is completed

B-Flow Imaging: There is a clinical challenge in using ultrasound to visualize blood flow and the depiction of the hemodynamic profile without unwanted signals from surrounding tissues. B-Flow, a GE imaging mode, uses non-Doppler technology to display true hemodynamics and enables direct visualization of blood flow without the limitations of Doppler.

Multi-modality Query Retrieve: Review of other modalities on the system is convenient for comparison

B-Steer + Needle Recognition with adjustable needle gain and angle for steering helps:

  • Physicians see clearly as it enhances needle brightness and may enable visualization of smaller gauge needles
  • Enhance needle visualization in challenging procedures with an ability to change the steering angulation 
  • Enhance clinical confidence by helping clinicians deliver treatment to a specific location
  • Potentially decrease the time of the procedure
  • May allow physicians to use smaller gauge needles

Clinical Specialties

The versatility of the LOGIQ S7 makes it well equipped for a variety of applications, allowing clinicians to take on both routine and non-traditional challenges.

The LOGIQ S7 is well-suited for use in the following specialties where ultrasound is already adopted:

  • Radiology
  • Vascular
  • Cardiology
  • Musculoskeletal
  • Regional Anesthesia
  • OB/GYN

The LOGIQ S7 is also well-suited for use in the following specialties:

  • Interventional (Breast, Vein, Endocrinology, ENT Specialties): Use LOGIQ S7 to help with early diagnosis, treatment and patient follow-up. LOGIQ S7 helps clinicians diagnose lesions, disease states and monitor patient progress post surgery.
  • Rheumatology: From early diagnosis and staging of arthritis, to treatment with needle-guided procedures and disease-state monitoring, the LOGIQ S7 gives you amazing image quality, tools and performance you need to provide excellent care for your patients.
  • Pain Management: The versatile LOGIQ S7 supports clinical confidence across a wide range of procedures, from peripheral nerve blocks and musculoskeletal injections, to needle-guided ablations, neurolytics or intrathecal device refills.

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