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Minimize the distractions. Expand your focus. Now you can obtain clear, detailed imaging quickly and easily. New technologies and workflow tools on Vivid E90 provide fast, accurate visualization and quantification, while reducing clicks and repetitive tasks. You’ll love how these cSound-enabled automated features help streamline both routine exams and advanced studies. With the time you save and insights you gain, you can concentrate on evaluating critical cases and delivering what matters most – high-quality, efficient care.


Faced with diverse body types and complex medical issues, many conventional ultrasound systems too often yield non-diagnostic exams that may hinder the efficiency of coordinated care. Recognizing this challenge,GE has taken cardiovascular ultrasound to a higher level with a new imaging platform called cSound*.

Echo Lab


Crisp imaging. Deep views.

The Vivid E90 quickly brings you information with high contrast and spatial resolution – even for patients with body types or conditions that make them difficult to scan. GE’s XDclear™ probe technology pairs with our new imaging platform to capture data from every channel in the probe. Navigate smooth, continuous and detailed images with ease via new enhancements in both color and clarity.

Color Flow - XDclear transducer technology provides excellent color sensitivity, contrast resolution and spectral crispness.

True Confocal Imaging Introduces uniform focusing, combined with increased contrast resolution throughout the field of view at high frame rates.


Define the care path Quantification with Vivid E90 is all about helping providers evaluate problems and pursue the path forward. Count on a full suite of intuitive tools to make your work easy and efficient. Quickly, accurately and thoroughly quantify left and right ventricular wall motion and other key functions.

Auto EF** - Based on a 2D-speckle tracking algorithm, assists in measuring the most commonly used parameter to describe the LV function.

Automated Function Imaging (AFI)** - Assess and quantify left ventricular wall motion at rest or stress (with AFI stress option), calculating a large set of parameters.

Myocardial Work** introduces new and less load dependent parameters based upon the results obtained with AFI (longitudinal strain) by accounting for the systolic blood pressure measured at rest immediately prior to the echo exam, as well as the MV and AV opening and closure times. These reduced load dependent parameters may provide more accurate and reproducible results, important especially for follow-up of patients over time.


Streamline your exams Vivid E90 with cSound performance brings new advantages in efficiency. The high-quality raw data format as well as the DICOM® format adapts to your preferences in terms of resolution and gray scale. You can move smoothly through your work, thanks to automated tools that minimize user interaction and provide quick access to stored settings.
The QuickApps tool provides flexibility and easy workflow by providing instant access to settings that were stored earlier to match your color flow or contrast parameters, keeping the geometry of the current live image.

Cardiac Auto Doppler With minimal user interaction, Cardiac Auto Doppler provides Doppler measurements over all heart cycles for the most common parameters, supporting consistent results in advanced studies and potentially saving time. .

** Optional



Gain innovative views into tiny structures - Acquire images on a wide range of pediatric and neonatal patients, quickly and with few system adjustments enabled by Dynamic Auto Optimization. Two dedicated pediatrics probes, 6S-D and 12S-D. Use XDclear™ transducers (C1-6-D and C2-9-D) as well as the 10T-D micro TEE to help you examine deep anatomy or shallow structures without sacrificing spatial or dynamic resolution.

Pediatric Color FlowThe 6S-D and the 12S-D phased array probes provide excellent color sensitivity, contrast resolution and spectral crispness.

Blood Speckle Imaging (BSI)**Quickly understand complex blood flow issues. Reducing the angle dependency and aliasing issues of conventional color flow, Blood Speckle Imaging provides a graphical representation of the trajectories of the blood cells, helping you see flow problems quickly and clearly.

Image deeply and clearly in neonatal patients Optimized for the neonatal heart, the 12S-D probe provides excellent resolution and penetration.

Fetal Heart - The C1-6-D delivers excellent 2D and color flow imaging for late trimester fetal heart imaging.

Texture - Obtain diagnostic images faster. Texture employs adaptive edge detection for better visualization of structures in the myocardium*, increasing diagnostic confidence.

Micro TEE Multiplane Probe - Clearly visualize complex heart conditions in neonatal patients (down to 2.5 kg) and for adults with intolerance to standard TEE.

* Compared to imaging without Texture

** Optional

Shared Service


Image a wide range of patients Vivid E90 delivers superb performance in your shared services operation, including cardiac, stress echo, vascular, abdominal, OB/GYN and small-parts applications. With a growing obese population, XDclear™ probes combined with cSound beamformer technology can make a difference in many of your exams, helping you quickly and easily acquire images on many different patient types.

Vascular – The two linear probes, 9L-D and 11L-D, highlight True Confocal Imaging (TCI) - providing automatic focusing throughout the field of view, with superb signal-to-noise ratio and excellent spatial resolution both near and far. Together with Virtual Convex ** provides a wider far field visualization and aims to enhance image quality.

Abdominal Imaging – The two curved array probes, C1-6-D and C2-9-D, support general imaging as well as abdominal, renal, urology and OB/GYN applications. Both probes have XDclear™ transducer architecture, which delivers the high spatial resolution and deep penetration required for uniform presentation of anatomic structures throughout the field of view. The endocavity transducer, iC5-9-D, is also available.


A familiar, yet modern and efficient packageDoctor next to Vivid E90

  • 22" high-resolution OLED monitor
  • 12” LCD touch screen
  • Adjustable floating keyboard
  • Convenient data management
  • Easy mobility
  • Low power consumption with efficient and low noise cooling

Connectivity & Security

Image and Measurement Transfer

  • Raw data and all measurements (including customized) from Vivid™ Systems
  • DICOM** and public DICOM SR from 3rd party

EchoPac Post- Processing

  • Full access to GE raw data
  • Access to all Vivid measurement tools
  • Review, post -process, and measure using AFI, Wall Motion Scoring, etc.

Image Management

  • Store and review cine loops and static images
  • Measure
  • Annotate
  • Export
  • Send to/Retrieve from Long Term Storage


  • Create clean, comprehensive, easy-to-read reports
  • Complete reports faster with quick report templates
  • Report templates for TTE, TEE, Stress, Vascular
  • Enhanced DICOM review – Accelerate reviewing and reporting by using contrast, brightness and zoom/pan controls to optimize DICOM images.
  • Pediatric DICOM SR Support – Pediatric measurements sent by SR automatically populate the pediatric report on the receiving side for fast, accurate review elsewhere.


Vivid E90 is built and configured for reliability and security.

LDAP –Help ensure patient data safety with Lightweight Directory Access Protocol, which allows your IT team to maintain greater control of who’s in the system, reducing the risk of breaches.

Configurable system password – There are fully configurable user log-on passwords and internal passwords that can meet your IT department’s requirements regarding security strength.

Disk Encryption –of the drive, which contains patient archive and images, helps ensure safety and privacy of the data, even in case of theft.



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