A foundational technology & analytics solution to transform hospital operations.

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What is AgileTrac™?

A foundational technology & analytics solution to transform hospital operations.

A patient's hospital stay - even for relatively straightforward care - involves hundreds of people, processes and assets. The medical outcome and cost of that care as well as the quality of the patient's experience depend on how efficiently and effectively all of these resources are integrated and managed.

How can a hospital bring together its disparate resources to ensure a smooth and efficient experience for patients?

The missing link in care management

AgileTrac™ provides a real-time, holistic view of how hospital resources are working, at any point in time, to care for a patient. The AgileTrac™ operational platform:

  • Uses real-time location system (RTLS) technology and sophisticated applications to track the physical location of each patient, asset, and staff member.
  • Communicates with the hospital's clinical and business systems, such as the electronic medical record (EMR) and enterprise resource planning (ERP) software.
  • Can be deployed with various RTLS types, including wi-fi, radio frequency (RFID), and infrared.

Not your ordinary RTLS

Not all RTLS technology is created equal.  AgileTrac™ is distinguished by:

  • Hospital-optimized functionality. Most RTLS systems can approximate the location of an IV pump, within 30 - 50 feet. Some systems will only pinpoint the room. AgileTrac™ not only tells you the exact room but also alerts you that the only remaining clean pump on that unit is in storeroom 4A and triggers an alert to the biomed department for maintenance.
  • Robust signaling. AgileTrac's rules engine and macro language enable signaling triggered by location or status change of the patient. For example, the anesthetist can be automatically paged 10 minutes after a patient arrives in pre-op. Or, ADT is automatically updated when a patient physically leaves her or his room.
  • Accurate metrics. AgileTrac™ generates robust patient flow metrics to improve decision-making, including: admission, discharge, and transfer times; wheels-in in the operating room; patient arrival in the ED and radiology; OR utilization, and more.
  • Predictive patient flow capabilities. Pairing AgileTrac™ information with computer simulation creates a predictive engine that functions like an "air-traffic control system" - enabling managers to identify potential bottlenecks in workflow and take steps to avoid them up to two shifts prior to occurrence.

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Hand Hygiene

AgileTrac™ Hand Hygiene Monitoring: Simple. Automated. Objective.

GE Healthcare's AgileTrac™ Hand Hygiene system provides automation to accurately record, measure, and report hand-washing data throughout a patient care facility, all with little or no changes in typical workflow.

Individual staff interactions with a soap or hand-sanitizer dispenser are automatically captured and recorded using Real Time Location System (RTLS) technology. These events are then associated with the staff's movements in patient care areas. This approach has several advantages over other methods, including:

  • No change to workflow.  AgileTrac™ monitors the efficacy of existing hand hygiene processes. There is no need to change staff routine.
  • High volume of data.  AgileTrac™ captures hand-wash opportunities across all shifts, delivering thousands of data points for more accurate findings
  • Lack of bias.  AgileTrac™ records behaviors unobtrusively and systematically. Avoids observer bias and manual data collection errors which can skew results    

The AgileTrac™ Hand Hygiene system includes dashboard utilities and reporting tools that provide detailed and comprehensive compliance metrics. This information can be used to: 

  • Determine the success of a facility's hand hygiene program on an aggregate and individual level
  • Identify potential workflow issues that impede compliance and suggest opportunities for improvement
  • Focus training and educational resources where they are most needed 

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Asset Management
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IV pumps. Wheelchairs. Telemetry units. Hospitals over-spend millions each year on mobile assets that are not used effectively. AgileTrac™ Asset Manager from GE Healthcare is a real-time tracking system to monitor the usage, status, and location of all your mobile assets. Combined with better distribution processes, AgileTrac™ can help you:

  • Reduce inventory while improving asset availability
  • Decrease capital and operating expenditure
  • Improve the efficiency and safety of patient care
  • Increase staff productivity   

Locate your assets

Mobile assets like IV pumps, wheelchairs, and telemetry units routinely get lost in the system. With AgileTrac™ Asset Manager, each piece of equipment has a real-time location system (RTLS) tag that communicates with a central visualization system. Using a web browser, staff can track asset location and status in real time throughout the facility.

  • Track by map, tabular, or detailed view
  • Search by equipment location, models, repair and service history
  • Receive alerts if equipment leaves designated areas

Right-size your inventory

Because hospitals can't locate their mobile assets, they buy, lease, or rent more to ensure availability for patients. Often, these units get swallowed up in the system too. AgileTrac™ Asset Manager breaks this costly cycle, enabling hospitals to use less equipment more efficiently. We typically see an inventory reduction of 10-20% when a hospital combines AgileTrac™ with better distribution processes. For example, a 200-bed hospital that reduces its inventory of 400+ infusion pumps by 100 can achieve $300,000 to $500,000 in savings by reducing rentals, terminating leases, decreasing maintenance costs, and avoiding unnecessary capital expenditure during their next pump purchase.  

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Patient Flow
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Optimizing patient flow is critical to ensuring safe, efficient care. AgileTrac™ Patient Flow from GE Healthcare can help you make the best use of your organization's capacity and resources in the delivery of care.

By giving you the tools and information to actively manage patient flow in real time, AgileTrac™ can help you prevent bottlenecks that lead to delays, diversions, dissatisfied patients and staff, and lost revenue.

Direct the flow of care

AgileTrac™ Patient Flow enables your staff to direct the flow of care - rather than react to problems after the fact. Using Real-time Location System (RTLS) technology, the system gathers input on the movement of patients and assets through the facility. A sophisticated workflow engine processes this real-time data and makes it actionable through a Web-based portal that alerts staff to potential slow-downs. Managers know at a glance what steps to take to keep care flowing in order to:

  • Decrease Emergency Department wait times and average length of stay
  • Improve Admission and Discharge processes
  • Streamline patient movement through care areas, such as Peri-Op

Automate the everyday

Managing patient flow involves hundreds of routine tasks that need to be monitored and coordinated across the enterprise. AgileTrac™ makes sure that nothing falls between the cracks by automating key patient flow functions including:

  • Discharge scheduling and tracking
  • Bed request tracking and management
  • Transport requests
  • Environmental services requests
  • Integration with other hospital IT systems

Critical status updates are visible in real time on dashboard views throughout the hospital. Alerts and notifications can be transmitted via e-mail or pager so that staff stay engaged in managing patient flow no matter where they are in the facility.



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