Computerized maintenance management solution for healthcare.

GE Healthcare AssetPlus Overview


Manage equipment, supervise maintenance and optimize costs

The AssetPlus computerized maintenance management system (CMMS) is an all-in-one solution that helps you manage all your assets throughout their lifecycle, improve staff utilization, deliver safe and high-quality care, and enhance financial results.   

Developed specifically for healthcare, AssetPlus lets you completely track maintenance activities, optimize use of assets, control costs, reduce risks, and make sound decisions when buying or replacing equipment. AssetPlus  supports a variety of hospital teams: biomedical, general technical services, medical technicians, financial services, IT, and caregivers.   

With AssetPlus, you can manage maintenance operations, inventory stocks, purchases, compliance, and much more – with a tool that combines multiple technologies yet is highly intuitive and easy to use.


    Make life easier for your staff

    GE Healthcare AssetPlus ProductivityAssetPlus helps your staff members make the most of their time by eliminating tedious manual tasks. Using the intuitive interface, they can easily set up comprehensive maintenance reporting and tracking that provides instant access to:

    • Inventory data for every asset
    • Preventive and corrective maintenance requests from all departments
    • Stocks of spare parts and consumables
    • Statistical reports and dashboards    

    Team members can access CMMS information and functions from wherever they are working. Biomedical teams can assess performance against customized sets of criteria. The system automatically issues alerts for maintenance deadlines and the ends of service contracts and warranties.   

    AssetPlus lets you assign priority levels to preventive or corrective maintenance activities, and for replacement of each piece of equipment. This helps you regulate daily workloads.   

    Data is easily exported from the AssetPlus database to generate reports in common spreadsheet programs like Microsoft Excel. With all this data available, biomedical teams can devote more time to productive work. When augmented by the GE AgileTrac real-time locating system, AssetPlus frees nurses from searching for equipment and allows them more time for patient care.

    Equipment Management

    Get more from your medical devices

    AssetPlus tracks service activity throughout the lifecycle of each device, helping you make the best use of your equipment. This means you can:   

    Reduce downtime. AssetPlus lets you assign priority levels to preventive or corrective maintenance activities, and for the replacement of each piece of equipment. Devices that receive maintenance on schedule may be less likely to fail. 

    Optimize inventory levels. The data helps you optimize inventory of devices as well as stocks of consumables and replacement parts. 

    Optimize maintenance contracts and service level agreements. You can easily index contracts and agreements, cross-reference them with the equipment, and update contracts when necessary. 

    Monitor equipment loans. You can track loan requests and record loan histories:  allowing equipment to be thoroughly checked and calibrated between loan periods.   

    Groups of hospitals or clinics can track maintenance activities, both at  group level and per institution.

    IT Connectivity

    Get instant access to reliable data

    GE Healthcare AssetPlus IT ConnectivityAssetPlus easily connects with your hospital- or network-wide IT system, including your hospital information system (HIS) and any financial or ERP systems. Data exchange can be automated or manual – you can easily import catalogs or maintenance histories.   

    Each department has online ability to: 

    • Submit service, purchase and equipment loan requests 
    • Access a log of its requests and maintenance activities 
    • Track the progress of ongoing service requests 
    • See details of services due under various maintenance contracts    

    Financial Performance

    Drive a stronger bottom line  

    Reporting functions in AssetPlus helps managers make sound financial decisions and improve profitability. AssetPlus delivers a global view of equipment’s total cost of ownership – from acquisition to disposal.   

    The biomedical team can record every service activity and its cost for parts and labor, creating a complete service, reliability and financial history of each asset. Management can use this data to set investment priorities, decide when to replace equipment, and choose replacement devices with an eye toward track records for reliability. Data from the system is also useful for: 

    • Verifying and substantiating invoices 
    • Evaluating quotations from suppliers 
    • Negotiating supplier contracts

    Patient Safety

    Ensure that service is performed by qualified individuals and is done on time

    AssetPlus helps your team ensure that life-critical assets are maintained on schedule and to the highest standards. The start of service activities can be made subject to verification of technician expertise: The system allows only qualified personnel – whether staff member or contractor – to work on particular devices or in certain environments.


    A growing number of hospitals are enjoying the benefits of AssetPlus as a fully functional computerized maintenance management system designed specifically for the healthcare industry. See what satisfied customers are saying.   

    Dental Health Services Victoria (DHSV), Australia

    Dental Health Services Victoria (DHSV) required a system to help manage its diverse asset database from tracking work orders through to job closure and billing. DHSV also needed a system to help develop preventative maintenance schedules and asset replacement plans across its portfolio, not only to support ongoing compliance and accreditation reporting but also to optimise asset life cycles.

    “The AssetPlusTM data is critical in helping me prepare reports for fire and safety audits..” 

    Paul Horsington
    Manager Facilities
    Dental Health Services Victoria

    “I use the information from AssetPlusTM on a regular basis to understand how our assets are performing, and to manage the life cycle cost profile.” 

    Tim Hogan
    Chief Financial Officer
    Dental Health Services Victoria

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    Sainte Anne Hospital, Paris, France   

    Sainte-Anne Hospital created its Biomedical Department with a focus on assets and maintenance management, risk management and cost reduction, using AssetPlus. Beyond equipment inventory and maintenance management, the solution allows the biomedical team to manage contracts, track assets records and plan investments while accounting for the cost of acquisition, cost of ownership, and usage.   

    “Tracking is the basis of a genuine qualitative event-based approach. It highlights where improvement is needed, including in terms of organization. When you see that maintenance costs are growing, you can isolate the related costs for each department and clarify your budget reports. We give objective input for priorities management; we are also able to give clear recommendations for curative actions...Analyzing the AssetPlus data, we can define investment priorities, estimate costs, as well as fine-tune options such as training and operations.” 

    Sébastien Pons
    Biomedical Engineer

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