Bone Health

GE offers a comprehensive portfolio of bone densitometry solutions to make bone health assessment accessible—and to protect the vitality of your patients.

We're providing the tools physicians need to help diagnose and treat weakened bones, so that millions of Americans may potentially avoid the physical, emotional and financial burdens associated with fragility fracture.

Women's Bone Health at GE Healthcare

Wit the proper diagnosis and subsequent therapy management, osteoporosis is a disease that you and your patients can live with. Osteoporosis testing is the right thing to do. And vital to the overall health of your women's health program. 

Source: The National Osteoporosis Foundation



Prodigy Primo Brochure

The Lunar Prodigy Primo utilizes a direct-digital array detector and narrow-angle fan-beam technology to enhance dose efficiency and achieve excellent precision and patient throughput in spine, femur and total body measurements. 

Lunar Prodigy Primo: Simplicity and Dedication